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My heartiest congratulations to all graduates.


The day that you have been working so hard for has finally arrived. You will be receiving your well-deserved diploma at this graduation.


Completing your polytechnic education is a significant milestone in your life.   It marks the completion of one stage of your education.  It is also the beginning of many exciting things to come, whether you are planning to seek employment or pursue further studies. 


While the polytechnic has equipped you with the knowledge and skills to give you a good head start, you will need to continue to learn in order to stay ahead.   We are living in an exciting time where opportunities may come from anywhere in the world.   But people who would like to take advantage of these opportunities can also be from anywhere.   You will need to compete to succeed.   You will need to continuously learn new knowledge and skills to overcome challenges along the way.


As you pursue your career in this competitive world, you will do well if you always act according to certain sound principles.  The SP CORE Values of Self-discipline, Personal Integrity, Care and Concern, Openness, Responsibility and Excellence will help you decide on how you should conduct yourself, especially in difficult situations.   You can also turn to your network of friends, classmates, lecturers and of course your alma mater, the Singapore Polytechnic when you need help.


I wish you all the best.


Low Wong Fook