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This Top IT Student is No Dummy!


The first book on computers that Ho Fucai bought may have been a Computer for Dummies guide, but this year’s Lee Kuan Yew Award winner showed with his achievements that he's no dummy.


After all, the former student from Mayflower Secondary School topped the Diploma in Information Technology course with 28 distinctions and As out of a total of 29 modules.


He had a reason for reading books on computers as IT has always ranked high on Fucai’s list of interests.


Inevitably, the geek label was pinned on him in secondary school. Until he and his classmates discovered their common passion for computer games, that is.


“I became cool after that,” Fucai recalled with a smile.


But computer gaming was only a side interest. While in secondary school, Fucai represented Mayflower Secondary in the National Software Competition every year. He also took part in the National Olympiad in Informatics and headed his school’s computer club. These activities stoked his passion for IT.


A keen student, Fucai, however, did not neglect his studies. It came as no surprise then when he achieved an aggregate of seven points for his ‘O’ levels.


Good enough to get him into junior college but after studying in one for three months, he decided to switch to a polytechnic.

“The pace and environment of junior college did not suit me,” he explained.


It was no surprise that he chose to enrol for the Diploma in Information Technology course at Singapore Polytechnic.

“SP is established and provides balanced and comprehensive training for students,” he explained.


Fucai’s decision proved to be the right one, as he emerged as the top student among 184 others from the DIT course. Fucai was also active in student activities. He is on his way to achieving the National Youth Achievement Award Gold medal and was the vice-president for SP Assistant Courses & Career Guidance Officers, a student club in SP.


Fucai’s final-year project nearly soured his good track record though. His five-member team encountered many difficulties while working on the School of Media and Info-Communications Technology’s Internship Management System.


But through sheer determination – and many sleepless nights – his team were able to rectify the problems and their efforts and technical proficiency earned them a well-deserved A.


This drive to succeed also won him praise during his industrial attachment to multinational company Accenture. So impressed were the company that they invited Fucai back to work for them as he waits for his enlistment into National Service.


Fucai sees himself working on business and information systems as a career. And to further that aim, he got himself a place at the National University of Singapore. Pursuing a computing degree, of course. Certainly a far cry from reading a For Dummies guide.


Lee Kuan Yew Award
IDA Gold Medal
Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry Prize
Shell Companies In Singapore Prize
The Asiainstitut of Management Scholastic Prize
OCBC Prize