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Making Sense Out of Dollars and Cents


At a time when Peh Xue Yun was just a young girl, she had already understood the value of dollars and cents.


Not because she had plenty of money to play with, but because she had to learn about the importance of money the hard way. 

When she was nine, her mother had to take on the role as the sole breadwinner of the family. Then, she had to juggle between housework and earning money as a seamstress as well as to take care of three school-going kids.


“It actually motivated me to work harder,” said Xueyun, who is the youngest child in the family.


Hoping to ease some of her mother’s burden, the former student from Woodlands Ring Secondary School started filling up piggy banks with any leftovers she had from her allowance.


That became Xue Yun’s first brush with the concept of savings.
But it was only in secondary three that she fully understood the magic of banking and financial trading and how a bank made profits.

“I had always wondered how banks can make profits with the money we put inside our savings account, so when someone explained to me how banks made money through careful investment, I was already fascinated by the banking and finance industry,” she said.


Xue Yun had set her mind on a diploma course in either banking or accountancy, even though she went for the first three months course at a junior college.


However, it was a stroke of coincidence – and good public relation skills – that got the petite girl into Singapore Polytechnic. Xueyun had set her mind on a diploma course in Banking Management with another polytechnic nearer her home.


But that was before she visited the open house at Singapore Polytechnic.


“The lecturers at the open house gave a very compelling presentation on the vibrancy of the financial trading industry, and it was then I knew I was going to switch to SP,” she said.


And perhaps it was a correct switch, as Xueyun became the top Banking and Finance student from SP with 33 distinctions and As out of a total of 36 subjects. Apart from her academic excellence, Xueyun was also presented with the Model Student Award in her final year with SP.


It is with little surprise that Xueyun was offered university places by all three local universities in business courses and this financially savvy girl has dreams of a successful career in the industry of financial planning.


For someone who is so financially savvy, it is no surprise that she admires Warren Buffet – the second richest person in the world.

But why not Bill Gates?


“Because while Bill Gates made his dollars from selling successful technologies, Warren Buffet made his fortunes through smart investments,” she quipped with a smile.


Low Guan Onn Gold Medal
Singapore Exchange Gold Medal
DBS Prize
Shell Companies In Singapore Prize