Mr. Low Wong Fook
Principal, Singapore Polytechnic,

Distinguished guests,

Parents and graduands,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good Afternoon

1.      It is my privilege to be with you today to witness your graduation ceremony. First and foremost, I wish to extend my heartiest congratulations to the graduands on your successful completion of your course at the Singapore Polytechnic. 

2.      This graduation marks the completion of your studies at Singapore Polytechnic and at the same time, it is also the beginning of new and exciting challenges that are ahead of you after your graduation.

3.      As you are standing at this very significant crossroads in your life, I would like to share with you some thoughts on the exciting developments within the infocomm industry.


The future is infocomm

4.      Figures collated from past years' surveys by the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA), as well as reports from major recruitment firms, have shown a strong recovery in the Infocomm industry. High revenue growth in market segments such as the hardware, telecommunication services and software sectors has been recorded.

5.      The recovery has also brought with it more jobs, better remuneration and enhanced the productivity of many other industries. Over the next two years, it is projected that another 7,700 new jobs will be created in the local Infocomm industry. These jobs will come from areas of Infocomm research and development, digital media and web development.

6.      In fact, it was reported in The Straits Times that the digital media industry is projected to grow from US$1 trillion today to US$2.5 trillion in 2015.  Five years ago, there were only about fifty production houses in Singapore, however, today, more than 500 production houses have been set up here.  All these developments would translate into more employment opportunities for Infocomm graduates. 

7.      The outlook for the infocomm and media sector is bright, with continued strong growth in demand by businesses and consumers for innovative products and services. People's lifestyles are greatly influenced by mobility tools that allow them to be entertained on the go. Through the use of 3G applications, there are tremendous opportunities to reach out to consumers and businesses alike, and to open up new business models. Against this backdrop, there is room for collaborative work between two or more parties. For example, the MDA-sponsored animated feature film, “Sing to the Dawn” could see new ways of promoting the film through mobile and web-based games developed based on its characters. The spin-offs from the film will create job opportunities for talents in other fields. I am sure both students and graduates will be looking forward to this exciting development as Singapore seeks to develop its media and entertainment industry.

8.      Demand for Infocomm courses at the tertiary level of education is also on the rise. In the recent Joint Admission Exercise (or JAE) conducted in April 2007, Singapore Polytechnic received a clear indication from the secondary school leavers of their preference for Infocomm courses.

9.      At the same time, there are many new opportunities for Infocomm graduates. For instance, there are many scholarships, provided by both the private and government agencies to further your interest in Infocomm.

10.    I am glad to note that one of your seniors, Mr Augustin Chan I-Yann from the Diploma in Business Information Technology has accepted the prestigious National Infocomm Scholarship (NIS) offered by the IDA and other participating organisations including SingTel.  A unique feature of the NIS scholarship is the overseas attachment and mentorship that is provided by leading Infocomm companies to allow the scholars to gain wider exposure, industry guidance and international experience.

11.    Another graduate, Miss Joycelyn Yeo Jing Ci from the Diploma in Multimedia Technology had also won the top Nanyang University Scholarship to study communication studies.  The scholarship covers the entire duration of the undergraduate studies and it provides grant for the tuition fees and allowances totalling over $50,000.


SMIT achievements in the past year

12.    The two students' achievements were made possible because of the unwavering commitment and dedication showed by the teaching team at SMIT (School of Media and Info-Communications Technology). On this note, I would like to congratulate the achievements of SMIT staff that had in the past year worked hard on building alliances with industry partners like Symantec Singapore as well as with reputable Universities in the UK and Australia. These collaborations will benefit the students as well as staff in enhancing domain knowledge and core competencies.

13.    Besides industry and academic collaborations, the SMIT has also encouraged their students to venture out of their classroom to participate in overseas internships and study tours. Through these programmes, the students have the opportunity to make new friends and experience a different culture. We hope that the friendships that were developed would become an invaluable network for them in the future.

14.    The school has also embarked on the productization drive, partnering a local company, Alpha Plus Training. Through this partnership, SMIT witnessed the soft launch of the project management board game, ProjeX. We hope to see the product being commercially sold in the market soon.

15.    All these achievements demonstrated SMIT's strengths in delivering a holistic and comprehensive education for the media & Infocomm industries. As SMIT graduates today, I am confident you are equipped with the right skills to face new challenges ahead of you.



16.    The Infocomm profession is an exciting and challenging one which offers a wide scope of career opportunities. You have the ability to create a new world, discover new information and fulfil your aspirations as long as you remain connected in the real and virtual worlds.

17.    It is a dynamic profession where you can make a difference and impact your organisation, society, or even the world. I would like to challenge you to harness Infocomm and be a significant player in this industry.

18.    Thank you.

Last updated/checked on 24 May, 2007