My heartiest congratulations to all graduates.

This is the day that you have worked hard for. You deserve your diploma.

Graduating from the Polytechnic marks the closing of one chapter of your life which I am confident was an enriching experience. It also marks the beginning of another. One that is full of opportunities and challenges.

Your diploma will stand you in good stead as you embark on this new phase of life. However, to stay ahead, you will have to continuously acquire new knowledge and skills. To do this, you will need to have a positive mindset, a willingness to adapt to new challenges and the perseverance to learn and re-learn.

Your learning journey at Singapore Polytechnic does not necessarily end after you have received your diploma from the Polytechnic. You can always return to the Polytechnic to take up post-diploma courses that are relevant to your career and professional development.

Only as a lifelong learner will you be able to stay relevant in an increasingly competitive and demanding global business environment where competition is intense.

Beyond skills and know-how, adhering to a set of sound moral principles will help you overcome various challenges in life. Hence, remember your SP CORE values of Self-Discipline, Personal Integrity, Care and Concern, Openness, Responsibility and Excellence.

As you journey through life, you will find the network of friends, classmates and lecturers that you have built while at the Polytechnic, a valuable asset. You can turn to them and, of course, your alma mater, the Singapore Polytechnic, if you need help.

I wish you all the best.

Low Wong Fook

Last updated/checked on 10 May, 2007