Whether In Korea Or Singapore, Jinshun Has It Made!

Lim Jinshun, 20, has often been teased about his name, which sounds like that of the leading character in a Korean drama serial. And like that character, he's appeared on TV too!

The Diploma in Media and Communication (DMC) student got his chance to appear on national television when he worked on a show called oktoLIVE! during his internship. While working mainly as a scriptwriter for the show, he also ended up being cast as an extra on the show. His costume? A giant orange afro hairdo and a cape. "It wasn't exactly the way I wanted to portray myself to Singapore, but it was all good fun and people actually do recognise me," he adds.

Other highlights for Jinshun during his time at SP included interviewing international music artistes and getting to watch their concerts for free. This was one of the perks of being actively involved in the School of Communication, Arts and Social Sciences' Oops! Magazine. He also penned articles for the School of Business' Attitude newsletter.

But the most memorable SP experience for Jinshun would have to be his three-week study trip to "picturesque and mesmerising" Finland in 2007. In fact, he enjoyed the trip so much that he signed up for another study trip to the USA just one month after his Finland experience. He also made a third trip to Australia in 2008 where he played the role of "big brother" to the group, who consisted mainly of first-year students.

Outside of school, Jinshun is an avid gamer. He played his first video game - Contra Hard Corps - at the age of four, and is intrigued by the effort and creativity that go into a game's storyline and characters. Unsurprisingly, one of his favourite reads is Electronic Gaming Monthly, and it was this magazine that sparked his interest in writing, which in turn led him to pursue the DMC to supplement and improve his communication and language skills.

Believe it or not, the triple-science student from Fairfield Methodist Secondary School had considered taking up cooking after the 'O' level examinations. Fascinated by shows on cable television such as those featuring cooking celebrities Jamie Oliver, Gordan Ramsey, Nigella Lawson and Anthony Bourdain, he signed up for cooking courses at Michelangelo's Italian Restaurant in Holland Village, where he was even offered an ap-prenticeship.

Jinshun, who scored a GPA of 3.922, has been offered a place at the National University of Singapore to study arts and social science, and is also considering an offer to take up communications studies at the Nanyang Technological University.

His dream, however, is to study sociology or political science at Columbia University in New York.

As to what the future holds for him, Jinshun aims to be the editor-in-chief of a big-name publication such as National Geographic, Rolling Stone, or the New York Times, or a correspondent with the British Broadcasting Corporation.