There's a Will, There's a Way

Justin Tan Wei Yang found out at a tender age of 9 that when you put your mind to something, the likelihood of succeeding is very high.

Unfazed by his parents' reluctance to send him to art classes to pursue his interest in colouring, Justin did not give up but spent much time and effort in doing his art homework to improve himself. He eventually won top prize at a colouring competition. Since then, he has always told himself that, if there is a will, there's a way.

While studying in Commonwealth Secondary School, Justin continued to feed his interest in art. Despite being a double pure science student, he took on art as a ninth subject. His determination and passion to follow his dream can be attributed to his secondary school art teacher, Ms Ruth Ng, who despite her physical disability, never gives up and believes firmly in herself. The fact that she has accomplished things that not many people are able to do has inspired Justin to face up and conquer the many challenges in his life.

Even before his 'O' level examinations, Justin had already set his mind set on the Diploma in Creative Media Design course at Singapore Polytechnic (SP). He was interested in graphic design, along with other media communication disciplines such as photography and advertising.

During his second year at SP, he was appointed Junior Art Director in The Student Agency, the in-house advertising agency at the School of Design. There, Justin had the opportunity to work on real client projects. With guidance and supervision from his lecturer, Mr Noor Azhar, Justin managed to pull through lots of projects that never seemed possible for a design student to achieve.

His achievements earned him an internship with Yahoo! Bangalore R&D in India where his User Experience Design, which basically means designing a website so that it appeals to users, was shortlisted for further development.

The two months he spent away from Singapore honed his ability to take the challenge of being a change agent and accomplishing tasks to the best of his ability.

After his national service, Justin intends to pursue photography at Fabrica (The Benetton Group Research Communications Centre) in Treviso, Italy. He is currently interning with Flame Productions Photography, where he hopes to pick up the finer points in photography.

His ambition is to lead a team or company of visual communicators that is multidisciplinary in all forms of design. Every member doing what they are best at - changing the way visuals communicate with their target audience, ultimately improving their lives.

This would be one of the many challenges in Justin's life that he would, no doubt conquer and soar to even greater heights. When he has put his mind to it, he will find a way to accomplish it.