Principal's Message

photo of Mr Tan

I am proud of each of you and I want to congratulate you on your success.

You are graduating from Singapore Polytechnic in uncertain times. With a global recession and gloomy economic outlook, it is quite natural for many of you to feel despondent. But it is in trying times that our mettle is tested, and in crises that opportunities abound and await us. We should remain resilient and not let the circumstances cower us.

If you are seeking a job, be patient, realistic and lower your job expectation. Get some work experience first. With a positive attitude, the additional skills you will gain - and an SP diploma -
you will be better prepared when the economy eventually picks up.

If you are furthering your studies, be diligent and open your minds to new discoveries and never stop learning. For those who will be enlisted for national service, serve the country with pride.

As you embark on your life's journey after SP, may I encourage you to:

I want to thank many of you who have served the polytechnic with distinction and achieved so much to bring us many honours. We are touched by your loyalty and commitment to SP.

Once again, I extend my heartiest congratulations to all of you on your successful graduation from SP. I am proud that you have entrusted three years of your life to gaining a lifetime of experience with us, just as the 149,500 alumni who have graduated from SP before you.

Tan Hang Cheong
Singapore Polytechnic