Finding Aspiration After a Break Was Worth The While

Wei Ying's little setback in her academic career was scoring borderline grades for the Primary School Leaving Examination that barely qualified her for the Express stream. That was a wake-up call for the promising netballer. She has since learnt better time management and this has led to what she is today.

The journey to her success was not a bed of roses. Wei Ying was like a lost sheep, studying aimlessly during her secondary school days. This was because she had a deep desire to study subjects that were more applicable to the working world. She did well enough in her 'O' levels to earn a place in Singapore Polytechnic's (SP) Diploma in Biomedical Science course. But she decided to withdraw from the course after a semester having found difficulties coping with the scientific curriculum.

With her parents' blessing, Wei Ying decided to take a year's hiatus to decide what she wanted. Fortunately, she was introduced to job attachments in two major banks in Singapore. Wei Ying, the ever-conscientious individual soon found herself drawn to banking and financial terms. She also wanted to participate in discussions during meetings. That was when she realised she wanted to pursue a course related to the banking and financial industry.

After some research, Wei Ying chose to enrol in the Diploma in Banking and Financial Services course in SP. She believed that the course would equip her well with the necessary skills and knowledge because SP, known for its strong academic rigour, is the only poly that offers students hands-on experience in a dealing room.

Convinced that she was in good hands, Wei Ying threw herself with single-mindedness into achieving success for her studies. The St Margaret's Secondary School alumna had such fervour that she topped her course since the first-year of studies, making her name known on the Director's Honour Roll at the School of Business. Now, she is also the proud winner of the Low Guan Onn Gold Medal.

What exactly is Wei Ying's secret to success? She said, "Having the right attitude is important. Attitude is a small thing that makes a big difference." She also attributed having the willingness to learn, being conscientious and good time management as factors to success.

Wei Ying, who scored a GPA of 3.941, plans to pursue further education in financial services and has already received offers from both National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University. The budding finance enthusiast hopes to play a part in shaping Singapore's future to becoming a regional financial hub.