2010: Celebrating 150,000 graduates

SP celebrates the 50th Graduation Ceremony. To date, the first polytechnic in Singapore has produced 150,000 graduates, many of whom have gone on to further their studies in prestigious universities around the world, or risen to become key players in the industry.

For the first time, SP graduands had an official gown to wear for the Graduation Ceremony.
SP celebrates the 43rd Graduation Ceremony, which is held on SP’s campus grounds for the first time at the Singapore Polytechnic Convention Centre.

SP receives its first NOVA Merit Award for its innovative use of technology to transform the way the Graduation Ceremony was conducted since 2001. This prestigious award was presented at the PS21 Excel Convention’s Award Ceremony.


SP holds 41st Graduation Ceremony at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Graduates were presented in two parallel streams, to receive their scroll boxes concurrently.

2000: Celebrating 100,000 graduates

SP awards the 100,000th diploma to Mr Patrick Wang Chee Boon at the 40th Graduation Ceremony. He also receives a commemorative memento.

From left: Mr Lim Yong Wah (then Chairman of SP’s Board of Governors), Mr Lim Chin Aik (Alumni 001), Mr Patrick Wang Chee Boon (100,000th graduand), and Mr Low Wong Fook (then Principal, SP).


SP celebrates her 34th Graduation Ceremony. Miss Ling Seow Wee is awarded the first Tay Eng Soon Gold Medal.

The Tay Eng Soon Gold Medal is awarded each year to the most outstanding graduate formerly studying at an Institute of Technical Education.


SP celebrates the 33rd Graduation Ceremony.

Miss Leong Mun-Wei Wendy is awarded the first Lee Kuan Yew Award. She receives the diploma and the award from Dr Tay Eng Soon, Senior Minister of State for Education and Minister in charge of the Polytechnics.

The Lee Kuan Yew Award is awarded to the top graduate from a technology or computer science related course at each of the polytechnics in Singapore.

1990: Celebrating 50,000 graduates
SP awards the 50,000th diploma to Mr Wong Chee Yau at the 30th Graduation Ceremony.  

SP celebrates the 26th Graduation Ceremony.

Mr Francis Ann Dong Siew is awarded the first Chua Chor Teck Gold Medal.


Dr Tay Eng Soon, Minister of State for Education, congratulating (from left) Ong Lee Ming, Lee Kam Choong and Francis Ann, the three top scholars of the Poly.

The late Mr Chua Chor Teck was the Chairman of the Polytechnic's Board of Governors from 1980 to 1986. As Chairman, he guided the Polytechnic from 1982 to 1986 through a five-year physical expansion programme - a crucial phase of the Polytechnic's development. He also initiated the Corporate Planning exercise in 1984 to steer the Polytechnic's growth into the 1990's.


SP celebrates the 20th Graduation Ceremony. Mr Kalwant Singh is awarded the first Low Guan Onn Gold Medal.

The Low Guan Onn Medal was institued in memory of the late Mr Low Guan Onn, who was the chairman of the Polytechinic's Board of Governors from 1975 to 1979. Mr Low oversaw the move from the Prince Edward Road campus to the present site in Dover Road. Mr Low is well-remembered for his vision of the well-rounded Polytechnic graduate who is central to the nation's industrialization programme.


SP celebrates the 15th Graduation Ceremony. Mr Tong Chee Kong is awarded the first Toh Chin Chye Gold Medal.

The Toh Chin Chye Gold Medal is one of the most coveted prizes in the Singapore Polytechnic. The award is named after Dr Toh Chin Chye who was the chairman of the Singapore Polytechnic Board of Governors from 1959 to 1975. Dr Toh was instrumental in charting new directions for the Polytechnic's development and in planning the instituition's relocation to the present campus at Dover Road.


SP celebrates the 11th Graduation Ceremony, which is held at the National Theatre for the first time.

Chang Woong Thong (right) and Miss Liew Pit Har (left) were awarded the gold and silver medals respectively at the 11th Singapore Polytechnic Graduation Ceremony at the national theatre.
Minister for Science and Technology Dr Toh Chin Chye (left) attending the Singapore Polytechnic Graduation Ceremony at the national theatre.

SP celebrates the 7th Graduation Ceremony.

Mr Cheong Hin Fatt (left) receives his diploma from Minister for Law and National Development Mr E. W. Barker. Hin Fatt also receives the first SP Gold medal.

1961: First Graduation Ceremony

SP celebrates the 1st Graduation Ceremony at Victoria Concert Hall. The first SP student was Mr Lim Chin Aik.

Miss Tsang, who is the only girl graduand, is among the first five accountants turned out by SP, who will also be the first locally trained accountants to practise in Singapore. She, along with other graduates, receive their Diploma in Accountancy from Minister for Education Yong Nyuk Lin.

First Singapore Polytechnic Graduation Ceremony at Victoria Theatre for its first batch of 192 students.

Four men and one woman, the first accountants turned out by the Singapore Polytechnic.

From left: Soh Cheng Poh, Ong Teng Kok, Miss Marjorie Tsang, David Yew, and M Gurunathan.

Minister for Education Yong Nyuk Lin (right) presenting a diploma certificate to a graduate at the first Singapore Polytechnic Graduation Ceremony at Victoria Theatre.