Kang Kok Wei



coring distinctions for his modules in Singapore Polytechnic (SP) is more than a remarkable achievement for Kang Kok Wei. Compare this to the 149 points he scored for his Primary School Leaving Examinations, the success is all the more commendable.

As a child, Kok Wei was not the bright kid who would proudly bring home a report card filled with As. Fortunately for him, despite his lacklustre academic performance, his parents did not reprimand him but gave him words of encouragement instead.

The turning point came when he joined Hougang Secondary School where he received the personal attention of a teacher. Under her guidance and motivation, he worked hard to make a difference in his life. And what a difference the teacher made! After completing his Normal (Technical) examination, he joined the Institute of Education (ITE) and chose the Electronics in Computer and Networking course. The highly-motivated Kok Wei excelled in ITE and graduated with the maximum GPA of 4.0.

Kok Wei joined SP with a focussed mind – to do well and join the university. He chose the Diploma in Clean Energy which was then a newly-launched course and SP is the first polytechnic to launch this course. He did his research and believed that there will be many opportunities in this relatively young industry.

He also chose SP because it is the first polytechnic and he believes it offers the best engineering courses. Another reason was that his sister, whom he considers as his role model, is an SP alumna who studied interior design and is now a drafter.

Kok Wei, who achieved the Model Student Award this year, is the proud recipient of the Tay Eng Soon Gold Medal, awarded to a former ITE student who has excelled in SP. With a near perfect GPA score, he has realised his dream to join the university. He has been accepted by Nanyang Technology University to study electrical and electronic engineering and will proceed straight into the second year. When he graduates, he hopes to be an engineer in the clean and sustainable energy sector.

With a heart for the community, Kok Wei joined the Rotaract Club and was appointed President in his final year. During his three years at SP, he gave free weekly tuition to students at the Clementi Student Services Centre and also organised activities for the Centre.

The archery enthusiast sees himself as a late bloomer and hopes that his story will inspire others who do not excel during their early stages in life. Nothing is too late, as long as the goal is achieved, he believes. He has given life to the old adage, Better Late Than Never.

Awards won:

Tay Eng Soon Gold Medal
PCS Silver Medal