Lim Hui Yin



im Hui Yin spent 16 months in a junior college (JC) before deciding to switch to a polytechnic just months to her GCE ‘A’ Level examinations. The former Presbyterian High School student found that the JC curriculum was a tad too theoretical for her and there were not many practical opportunities for her to apply what she has learnt.

She made the switch to join Singapore Polytechnic (SP) and chose the Diploma in Aerospace Electronics. For someone who has been interested in the aviation industry since young and coupled with her strength in physics, she went on to excel in her studies and winning awards along the way. She chose to specialise in aerospace electronics in SP as the modules offered and the tie-up with the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore will pave the way for her to become a licensed aircraft engineer.

Her learning experience in SP went up a notch when she was sent to the Longken Aviation Company in China for her overseas industrial training programme. She not only practised what she has learnt in a real-life setting but also brushed up her mother tongue as the training was conducted entirely in Mandarin. She even scored well for an aviation test in Mandarin while at that!

Hui Yin sees herself as an average student and she counts hard work, discipline and a little bit of luck as the ingredients for her success. During her SP days, the avid martial arts enthusiast volunteered her time in overseas community service programmes in Cambodia and Indonesia. She was also an active member of the Changi Youth Ambassador Club which provides assistance to airport visitors. For her all-rounded achievements, Hui Yin was recently awarded the Model Student Award.

Graduating with a perfect GPA, Hui Yin is in no hurry to join the university. She intends to take a year off to treat herself to a well-deserved rest before applying for a place at the Nanyang Technological University to study Electrical and Electronic Engineering in 2012. She plans to revisit Cambodia to continue her volunteer work, take up guitar courses and resuming wushu and kickboxing classes.

Watch out, she’s certainly going to kick far and wide.

Awards won:

Lee Kuan Yew Award
European Aeronautic Defence and Space Gold Medal
OCBC Prize
Shell Companies in Singapore Prize
Shell Merit Award
Singapore Technologies Aerospace Prize