Scratching your head trying to remember the Maths learnt during O-levels? Are terms like Real Number and Exponents vaguely familiar to you? How do you factorise a2-b2 ? Are you worried about taking Maths at Singapore Polytechnic?

Worry no more! Access our Preparatory Mathematics programme to find out more!


About PrepMath Programme

This Preparatory Mathematics Programme has been specially prepared to help you revise the fundamental Mathematics topics before you start your courses at Singapore Polytechnic.

PrepMath is an online learning programme that allows you to self study at your own time and own place. There are a total of 6 lessons:

Lesson 1: Real Number System

Lesson 2: Introduction to Trigonometry

Lesson 3: Exponents and Radicals

Lesson 4: Algebraic Operations of Polynomials

Lesson 5: Factorisation and Fractions

Lesson 6: Solving Linear and Quadratic Equations

 As a preview, only lesson 1 is available now. Other lessons will be available when you are enrolled as a SP student.