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National Earthquake Competition 2017

Earthquakes are one of the most devastating natural disasters. Strong earthquakes and earthquake-induced secondary disasters result in catastrophic human suffering and loss of property. This competition will enable students to discover the importance of Civil Engineering in designing earthquake-resistance buildings and earthquake disaster mitigation.

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Upcoming Events

Music Fiesta

Do you have students who have the passion for music and the talent in songwriting? Here's the chance for them to do what they love and learn more about music at the same time!

Jun 17

Effects Makeup Workshop

Students will acquire and apply basic skills in effects makeup to create realistic-looking visual effects!

Jun 17

National Earthquake Competition 2017

Form a team to build a model of an earthquake-resistant building.

Jul 17

Toy Design Competition.17 Prize Presentation Ceremony

Touch and play with the Top 15 winning entries of each of the 2 competition categories: Automata and Aircraft.

Jul 17

SP Engineering Camp 2017

Discover and appreciate the importance of engineering through hands-on role-playing games.

18 Nov 17