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Accounting Collaboration Studio

What do you need to do and say to clients during the first audit engagement meeting?

Welcome to the Accounting Collaboration Studio – an exclusive space for the Diploma in Accountancy(DAC) students.
In this facility, you will have the chance to master the soft skills that will give you the added edge to excelin your
professional accounting career.

You can review the simulated interview sessions through video playback function, and engage in fun and collaborative
learning activities with your classmates in this colourful, vibrant, and artistic learning studio. Who says learning and
fun cannot co-exist?

At this studio, you can express yourself on what it means to be an accountant. At this special learning
space, you will build up your technical and EQ competencies which will give you a strong foundation for your
accountancy career. This very space will also give you the chance to create Instagram moments that will define
your fondest memories with friends and lecturers from the DAC course.