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Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition



Let your imagination take flight! SAFMC 2011 is open to anyone who wants to reach for the sky. SAFMC 2011 is the largest flying machine competition in Singapore and is the nationwide hunt for a flying wonder!

For those who dare to dream, challenge yourself and innovate a flying machine like no other. Take part in fun activities and dedicated clinic sessions that will give you a surprising boost in creativity and problem solving.

The SAFMC 2011 is organised by DSO National Laboratories and Singapore Science Centre; in partnership with Singapore Polytechnic. The participants are expected to design and build a small remote-controlled air platform to fly and manoeuvre through a series of obstacles

Official website: www.dsoamazingcompetitions.com.sg/safmc/home.php

SAFMC 2011 Winner's List


Team Name

School / Organisation

Cat A


Tao Nan School

Cat B

Si Ling Achieve

Si Ling Secondary School

Cat C


Hillgrove Secondary School

Cat D

NUS UAV Research Team

National University of Singapore

Cat E



Congratulations to all the winning teams! Click here to see which other teams have won.

Contact Information

  Mr. Tan Tiong Kwee
Lecturer, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (65)6879 0655
Fax: (65)6772 1974