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Young Engineer Award (YEA)



Young Engineer Award (YEA) is a programme developed jointly by Singapore Polytechnic (SP) and Science Centre, Singapore. This programme is specially designed for secondary school students, with an aim to help you enhance your understanding of science and engineering. Talented students will be rewarded with exciting perks



Ever wonder what Engineers do? Or what exactly is Engineering?
YEA is for you to appreciate the link between science and engineering. It will bring forth the hidden talent in you in the areas of science and engineering that you may not be aware of.


Students from all Secondary School in Singapore are eligible for YEA.


Getting an award by SP, a leading engineering institution, will certainly enhance your profile. Furthermore, YEA programme helps determine if you have a flair for science and engineering, which is useful when making education and career choices.


Levels of YEA

YEA has 3 levels of award:



Click on the above icons to find out more about each award!

Our heartiest congratulations to our YEA Gold winners 2014! Their passion for creativity and innovation have shine out among 747 YEA participant to be award the prestigious YEA - GOLD. Well done!

Minimum Level for individual award

The minimum level for YEA Bronze, Silver and Gold is as shown in the figure below. Are you aspiring to enter into SP via the prestigous Direct Poly Admission (DPA) exercise? If so, you should obtain YEA GOLD before July when you are in Sec 4, as GOLD award winners get bonus points for DPA exercise for EEE courses!



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