Diploma in Media and Communication (DMC - S86)

Your Future


After DMC, your story continues into an exciting future brimming with opportunities.

Lift off into a successful career. Your skills as a communication professional will be highly sought after. We open the door to a variety of rewarding career options in the media and communication industry including:
  • Advertising Executive
  • Brand Consultant
  • Communication Strategist
  • Corporate Communication Executive
  • Digital Consultant
  • Journalist
  • Media Planner
  • Media Producer
  • Public Relations Executive
  • Social Media Analyst

Or pursue further studies. You may pursue a degree in communication, business, arts and social sciences, and other related courses. DMC graduates are accepted into degree programmes at local and overseas universities. Some of these universities grant generous exemptions and advanced standing to our graduates.

DMC graduates are highly employable, draw competitive salaries and some have been offered prestigious scholarships by the Media Development Authority, Nanyang Technological University and major media-related companies such as MediaCorp.

For a list of universities, please click here.



DMC students exude an aura of confidence and personality unlike any other. While many others would want to blend in, DMC students stand out. It's what makes them different ... it has prepared me
well for the working world. Even today,
I remember the advertising concepts and brand management strategies I learnt at DMC, as they have proved
useful in my work."

Mr Gavin Khoo
Founder, Gatography Pictures