Diploma in Creative Writing for TV and New Media (DTVM - S41)

Your Future


After DTVM, your story continues into an exciting future brimming with opportunities.

Lift off into a successful career. Your skills in original content creation will be highly marketable. We open the door to a variety of rewarding career options in the in the fields of TV, video production, journalism, web publishing, telecommunications and other industries requiring online or multimedia communication.
  • Assistant Director
  • Assistant Producer
  • Corporate Communication Executive
  • Editor
  • Educator
  • Journalist
  • Media Content Writer for Web, Radio, TV, Film
  • Programme Coordinator
  • Researcher
  • Scriptwriter

Or pursue further studies. You may pursue a degree in arts and social sciences, journalism, mass communication, new media communication and other related degrees. DTVM graduates are accepted into degree programmes at local and foreign universities. Some of these universities grant generous exemptions and advanced standing to our graduates.

DTVM graduates get job offers even before they graduate and some have been awarded prestigious scholarships by the Nanyang Technological University, Ministry of Education, Media Development Authority and Singapore-Industry.

For a list of universities, please click here.


What I enjoy most is the immediate and open opportunity my supervisors gave me, in article and magazine publication. The amount of trust they have in my writing is touching."

Ms Joan Ang
intern at National Geographic Magazine


Contact Persons:

Ms Gamar Abdul Aziz at 67721084 or email her at gamar@sp.edu.sg

Ms Mary Chin at 68704870 or email her at mary_chin_yee_chia@sp.edu.sg