Certificate in Theatre Performance and Production (CTPP)

What You'll Study

The CTPP consists of three modules:
Module Code Module Name Total Hours
SC4100 Acting 45
SC4103 Production 45
SC4104 Project 60
SC4100 Acting
This module introduces the craft of acting and character creation. Using real scripts and plays spanning different genres and eras, our teacher-directors train you in group dynamics, voice craft, body awarenesss, characterisation, script analysis and directing. The module culminates in a variety show where you’ll showcase your skills by selecting and performing a solo or two-hander piece.
SC4103 Production
This module equips you with the understanding and skills of the various behind-the-scenes job responsibilities in a theatre production. Learn about production (set, props, costume, lighting and sound design), direction and management (stage, finance, marketing and publicity).
SC4104 Project
This module integrates and applies lessons from the previous two modules and culminates in a full-length production where you’ll get the chance to take on an acting, backstage or directorial role.