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Centre for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence



About the Centre

The Centre for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence is one of the core Technology Centres under the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. The Centre actively seeks industry collaboration to develop solutions to meet the needs of the Singapore’s infrastructure inspection, logistics, healthcare, transport, and edutainment industries. This offers our students an industry relevant education with a global orientation.

Capabilities and Technical Services

The Centre specializes in the development of cutting edge technologies for robotic systems as well as other industry projects over the past years. With the experience gained, we are able to carry out work in the following areas:

  • Navigation and mapping in dynamic environments
  • Object recognition and manipulation
  • Human robot interaction
  • Human intent recognition
  • Adaptive behaviours
  • Ambient intelligence
  • Standardization and system integration

Our students participate in local and international robotics competitions, winning numerous awards as one of the top players over the years. We have participated in RoboCup in the soccer and @home leagues. In the Singapore Robotics Games, we participated in pole balancing, intelligent robot, and wall climbing challenges.

Our research labs undertake industry, funded and competition centred projects with the aim of meeting the needs of Singapore’s infrastructure inspection, logistics, healthcare, transport, and edutainment industries.


Project Showcase

The Centre promotes a wide spectrum of robotics and intelligent systems projects undertaken by students and staffs. Some of the achievements and past projects are shown below.

Automated Delivery System for Handling Laboratory Sample Logistics in Hospital [MOE Translational and Innovation Fund]

This project aims to develop an automated mobile base for delivering and collection of laboratory samples in healthcare facilities. This project arises from the hospital’s request to develop an automated mobile base to help improve the workflow of healthcare staff handling the laboratory samples. The system helps to automate the delivery of laboratory samples such as blood, urine, and tissue to different stations, which might be located in different parts of the hospital.

Multi-Disciplinary Project, Development of an  Social Robot [R&D Fund]

This project aims to develop a Social android robot. The robot is used as a learning tool for students as well as a research tool to learn more about the human interaction. The development of the android robot also helps promote engineering and robotics among tertiary students.

Development of Assistive Mobile Base using Human Intention Detection System [TOTE Board R&D Fund]

This project arises from the hospital’s request to develop an assistive mobile base to robotize the trolleys used in healthcare facilities. The assistive mobile base helps improve the workflow of healthcare staff, especially the elderly staff. The deployment of the assistive mobile base enhances the delivery of health services to serve the community better, hence creating better living and health in Singapore.

Development of Multi-Arm Cooperative System for Service Robots [TOTE Board R&D Project]

This project aims to develop a multi-arm cooperative system for service robots that is able to accomplish tasks with multiple arms. The robotic arm is able to adapt to new environment and new roles when working along with a robot platform that serves people. The multi-arm robot system is intelligent enough to detect and identify objects and has human-like grasping functions that are able to pass objects to people.

Development of Multi Robot Platform for Environmental Surveillance [TOTE Board R&D Project]

This project aims to develop a network of multi robot platforms with diverse sensing modalities and re-configurable topologies for environmental surveillance. Recent advances in robotics, computer vision, artificial intelligence, statistical signal processing and control theory, as well as the advent of miniaturized sensors and actuators, powerful embedded processors, and wireless communication systems, have afforded engineers with the methodologies and technologies to actually build such networks of autonomous systems.


Autonomous Underwater Robot [Competition Project]

This projects aims to develop an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV), which is a robot that operates underwater without human interaction. AUVs could be used for various applications like :

  • Research
  • Mapping of sea bed
  • Disposal of underwater mines

Robot Soccer [Competition Project]

Soccer robotics serves as an ideal test bed for development of solutions for social and industrial problems within a competitive framework. The centre has been participating in RoboCup, SRG and FIRA competitions. The centre is working on the following soccer leagues,

  • RoboCup Humanoid League

  • RoboCup Small Size League

  • RoboCup Standard Platform League

  • SRG/FIRA Mirosot Competition

Key research domains include multi-robot co-operation, object recognition, mapping and robot localization, locomotion and sensor fusion.


The Centre collaborates with over 30 local and overseas universities, research institutes and industry partners on a variety of activities. Our partners include:

  • Singapore Technologies Kinetics, Singapore
  • Singapore University of Technology and Design
  • I2R, A*Star
  • Singapore Kindness Movement
  • St. Luke’s Hospital
  • Singapore Autism Association
  • Nanyang Technological University
  • Grace Orchard Special School
  • Defence Science Organization (DSO), Singapore
  • ITE, Singapore

Courses and Seminars


Contact Information

  Dr Carlos Acosta
Senior Lecturer, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 6870 4896
Fax: 6772 1974

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