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Our Achievements

Koh Boon Hwee Scholars Award

EEE alumna Miss Lim Hui Yin was the recipient of the prestigious Koh Boon Hwee Scholars Award, 2015. She credits her lecturers at SP and honoured one of them, Mr Ivan Hoe.

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SP Go Serve Awards 2014

Merit Award


Best Suggestion Award

EEE Takes Lion’s Share of Best Suggestion Award



Suggestion Title

Chu Tee Khiang


Mounting the buck converter module

Neo Aik Khoon

Hamzah Bin Hussein


Resistor/capacitor kiosk in EEE

Michael Lim Ah Tiong


Reduce resources wastages

Oen Miow Luan


3-phase full-controller bridge rectifier

Yap Yew Seng Roy


Tester kits to help in troubleshooting


Carbon Footprint Challenge 2014

Highest % of Participation – 2nd Runner-up


Service Super Stars Award

Miss Tay Hong Eng, Management Support Officer, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering


Shell Eco Marathon Asia 2012

Solar Car (Prototype) category: 1st Prize

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Koh Boon Hwee Scholars Award

EEE alumnus Tan Jian Rong Edwin was the recipient of the prestigious Koh Boon Hwee Scholars Award. He credits his lecturers at SP and honoured one of them, Mrs Lee Mei Lai

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Learning Institutions Quality Conference (LIQC).

Gold Award

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PS21 ExCel Awards

Gold Award for Best PS21 Project

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Koh Boon Hwee Scholars Award

EEE alumnus Gan Hoe Yee was the recipient of the prestigious Koh Boon Hwee Scholars Award. He credits his lecturers at SP and honoured one of them, Mr Toh Ser Khoon

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Achievements by our Technology Centre






Centre for Aerospace Electronics

Danny Lee/Rubaina/Liao Choon Way

$338,000 under MOE-TIF

8th July 2013 – 7th July 2015

The objective of this project is to develop a quadrotor that can autonomously land precisely on the ground charging station. The mechanisms on the ground charging station will then automatically remove the on-board battery and replace it with a fully-charged battery. With this system, greater flight endurance can be achieved.

Centre for Computer Systems & Infocomm Technology

Lim Joo Ghee Melvyn U Myint OO

Patrick Chow, Ronny Tham

Aung Myat Lwin


Intelligent Remote Physiotherapy Monitoring Using Wireless Body Area Network

(MOE-TIF project)

1 April 2012

The aim of this project is to develop a remote physiotherapy monitoring system using a Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN).

Lee Kuoh Lih


S$30000 External fund from SciMed Asia P/L


Excellence in R&D award

July 2011

The aim of this project is to develop a RFID patient tracking ward for Khoo Teck Puat Hospital

Dr Tan Kwee Teck

Loh Yew Chiong

Ho Hooi Chee



Residential Gateway Project

The Group was awarded a R&D grant of $180,000 to work on the Residential Gateway (RG) Project (2008-2010). The objective was to develop an OSGi-compliant RG for hosting plug-in services to be delivered to connected homes. The partners include the Infocomm Development Authority and Institute for Infocomm Research.

Centre for Digital Signal Processing & Biomedical Applications

Ercan (PI)

Ministry of Education, Translational and Innovation Fund (TIF)  Grant



Noise free HDR image processing tool


Centre for Energy Systems

Dr Wang Huaqian (PI);

Dr Jiang Hao (Co-PI);

Dr Cai Zhi Qiang (Co-PI)

Research on DC Microgrid for Performance

Enhancement of Smart Grid


EMA funded R&D project


2013 - 2016

The project is to develop an intelligent, modularly designed DC microgrid system to minimize the negative impact of the intermittent power generation of the renewable energy system to the power grid stability and reliability, and reduce the power conversion loss by consuming the generated renewable energy as much as possible within the DC microgrid instead of distribute it through an AC grid.


Dr Jiang Hao (PI);

Dr Wang Huaqian (Co-PI)

Development Of A Mobile Microgrid Management (3m) System


MOE R&D Innovation Project


2013 - 2015

The project is to develop a new mobile power management system that is capable of integrating multiple small gensets to provide the operational or emergency power requirement in various civil or military applications with enhanced power capacity in an energy-efficient, reliable, easy and fast plug-and-play manner.


Dr Chia Chew Lin (PI);

Dr Jiang Hao (Co-PI)

Grid Connected Compact Photovoltaic Inverter With Power Quality Control


MOE R&D Translational Project

(MOE 2012-TIF-1-T-032)


2013 - 2015

The project is to develop the commercial prototypes of PV inverter system with novel control strategies of controlling the active and reactive power flows for improved THD or high-quality output voltage when supplying power to non-linear or sensitive loads.

Mr Dilip Battul

Dr Jiang Fan

Mr Ho Sou Weng

EDB’s Clean Energy Research & Testbedding (CERT) Programme, $2.7 M

2007 - 2012

Economic Development Board (EDB) had committed S$17 million to the Clean Energy Research & Testbedding (CERT) Programme to stimulate research in the applications of Clean Technology in the public sector.

In late 2007, EDB asked SP to lead the CERT programme with funding of $2.7 M for this programme for three projects:

  1. Evaluation of Performance of various PV types and installations at different tilts & orientations (Dr Jiang Fan)


  1. Study of climatic conditions on PV systems, Amount of solar radiation and related topics  (Mr Dilip Battul)


  1.  Installation, testing and commissioning of PV systems at InnoVillage (Mr Ho Sou Weng)


Centre for IC Design and Nanofabrication

Low Lee Ngo (collaborator)



Water-soluble graphene oxide and near infra-red (NIR) dyes based detection for DNA. This project explores on using graphene oxide and near-infra-red (NIR) dyes based detection for DNA and developing a bio-chip with sensing.

Low Lee Ngo



This project is in collaboration with NUS in developing processes for the fabrication of GaN HEMT device.

Dr Kwan Wei Lek


April 2011 – April 2013

The project aim to develop a manufacturing technology for polymer solar cell using a low cost and highly scalable spraying technique.

Dr Kwan Wei Lek



The objective was to fabricate polymer tandem solar cells using non vacuum processes. The preliminary results of this project enable us to receive further funding from MOE-IF on non vacuum processed (spray coated) polymer solar cell