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If you're enquiring about training on behalf of your organisation, please provide us with the following details so that we can frame a faster and more accurate response to your needs:

  • Name of Company/Organisation
  • Contact Person (Name, Designation, Contact Number & Email Address)
  • Estimated number of participants
  • Estimated date/period for training
  • Estimated duration for each course/workshop
  • Outline and objectives of the course/workshop you have in mind for your company/organisation
  • Venue preferred


Name Designation Telephone Department
Aaron Tan Lecturer 68708367 CASS
Alan Lee Lecturer 67721555 CASS
Annette Lee Lecturer 67721593 CASS
Annette Neo Lecturer 65902727 CASS
Chan Li Mei Lecturer 68708318 CASS
Chang Mei Yee Senior Lecturer 68790341 CASS
Cheong Thye Yuen Senior Lecturer 67721087 CASS
Chia Su-Shyng Lecturer 67721258 CASS
Chong Li Min Senior Lecturer 68704867 CASS
Clarice Sim Lecturer 67721080 CASS
Cyrine Joosa Senior Lecturer 67721574 CASS
Debra Ng Lecturer 68790331 CASS
Delonix Pan-Cheong Lecturer 68790334 CASS
Devindran Jeyathurai Lecturer 68707910 CASS
Doris Nga Deputy Director 67721769 CASS
Esther Low Lecturer 65902726 CASS
Evangeline Cheng Senior Lecturer 65902723 CASS
Evelyn Louis Senior Lecturer 67721095 CASS
Gamar Binte Abdul Aziz Senior Lecturer 67721084 CASS
Geraldine Choy Management Support Officer 68704622 CASS
Grace Khoo Senior Lecturer 67721089 CASS
Helen Mok Deputy Director 68790346 CASS
Jasmine Kong Management Support Officer 67721775 CASS
Jeanne Lim Tien Theng Senior Lecturer 68790340 CASS
Jeremiah Kwok Lecturer 67721816 CASS
Jessica Leong Lecturer 67721097 CASS
Jessie Koh Jiaxin Lecturer 68790332 CASS
Josephine Yeow Lecturer 65902732 CASS
Julian Kwok Lecturer 68707056 CASS
Juliana Chen Lecturer 67721085 CASS
June Wee Course Chair 68790342 CASS
Kartina Bte Sani Management Support Officer 67721076 CASS
Kenneth XY Lee Senior Lecturer 68708236 CASS
Koh Boon Chew Technical Support Officer 67721504 CASS
Kwa Lay Ping Senior Academic Mentor 68704798 CASS
Kwok Boon Yong Academic Mentor 68708229 CASS
Lam Yoke Peng Senior Lecturer 67721016 CASS
Laura Chua Lecturer 67721125 CASS
Lee Foo Koon Frank Lecturer 68708349 CASS
Lee Yoke Ling Senior Lecturer 68790336 CASS
Lim Lee Yee Director 68707817 CASS
Liu Sin Yee Lecturer 67721091 CASS
Lu Shengli Mark Course Chair 68790339 CASS
Luke Tan Lecturer 65902750 CASS
Mak Mei Yoke Management Support Officer 68706040 CASS
Mario Lajarca Lecturer 65902751 CASS
Mary Chin Yee Chia Course Chair 68704870 CASS
May Wee Bee Lin Senior Lecturer 67721086 CASS
Melissa Ong Lecturer 68708339 CASS
Melissa Wee Senior Lecturer 67721092 CASS
Ng Chee Teng Lecturer 68708334 CASS
Noor Ervyna Lecturer 68790343 CASS
Noor Lyna Binte Zainuddin Lecturer 68708315 CASS
Nuridah Lee Academic Mentor 68708368 CASS
Ong Wooi-Hsen Senior Lecturer 68790330 CASS
Ong Yi Ling Lecturer 68704868 CASS
Oniatta Effendi Lecturer 68708399 CASS
Paul Ho Lecturer 68708316 CASS
Pearlyn Ann Lim Senior Lecturer 67721081 CASS
Puvanambigai Ponnampalam Senior Lecturer 67721098 CASS
Rai Bina Senior Lecturer 67721094 CASS
Rosalind Ravi Lecturer 68708308 CASS
Samsudin s/o Noor Mohamed Technical Support Officer 67721132 CASS
Sarah Soh Lecturer 67721232 CASS
Seow Chih Wei Senior Lecturer 68707897 CASS
Sharon Yap Academic Mentor 68790345 CASS
Shaun Goh Lecturer 67721546 CASS
Shirlyn Toh Lecturer 68708350 CASS
Stella Wee Senior Lecturer 67721522 CASS
Sukitha d/o Kunasegaran Senior Lecturer 67721079 CASS
Sylvia Fu Lecturer 68704866 CASS
Tan Bee Thiam Senior Lecturer 68708336 CASS
Tan Kok Chee Lecturer 68704869 CASS
Teresa Chua-Moraes Senior Lecturer 67721090 CASS
Tham Foong Meng Senior Lecturer 68790338 CASS
Trudy Lim Senior Lecturer 67721852 CASS
Wilson Yeo Lecturer 67721715 CASS
Wong Hong Yi Lecturer 67721225 CASS
Yang Shiao Qi Administrative Officer 68790344 CASS
Yeo-Liaw Li Yun Senior Administrative Officer 67721669 CASS
Yip Siew Min Lecturer 68708305 CASS