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Name Designation Telephone Department
Alphonsus Ee Lecturer 68706000 ABE
Benjamin Tan Lecturer 68706117 ABE
Burhanudin Jamaludin Technical Support Officer 67721397 ABE
Carol Tan Lecturer 67721062 ABE
Chan Chin Loong Lecturer 67721064 ABE
Chan Choi Ung Senior Lecturer 68790434 ABE
Chan Kok Wah Senior Lecturer 67721121 ABE
Chen Yoon Han Senior Lecturer 68706163 ABE
Chew Tse Ngee Grace Administrative Officer 67721112 ABE
Chieu Yih Tsair Senior Lecturer 67721122 ABE
Chin Jenn Keng Senior Lecturer 68790436 ABE
Choo Thian Siong Lecturer 68708298 ABE
Chow Kim Nam Course Chair 68706062 ABE
Chow Miew Sek Lecturer 67721728 ABE
Chris Ho Lecturer 68790453 ABE
Chua Hai Eng Senior Lecturer 68790438 ABE
Chua Yina Lecturer 67721171 ABE
Danial Othman Technical Support Officer 68706048 ABE
Dennis Goh Cheng Siang Deputy Director 68790462 ABE
Edmund Lim Lecturer 68790440 ABE
Elizabeth Chow Senior Lecturer 68704600 ABE
Emily Lim Lecturer 68790433 ABE
Enzio Tang Lecturer 68790437 ABE
Eric Ng Chun Kiang Lecturer 67721521 ABE
Evelynn Koh Deputy Director 68790442 ABE
Fan Ay Deng Lecturer 68708023 ABE
Goh Chee Pieu Senior Lecturer 68708286 ABE
Goh Hai Kok Senior Lecturer 67721165 ABE
Goh Siak Koon Director 68707818 ABE
Goh-Tan Chor Luan Senior Lecturer 68790446 ABE
Handojo Djati Utomo Lecturer 67721193 ABE
Ho Yenn Giin Lecturer 68708049 ABE
Huang Rose Senior Lecturer 68704860 ABE
Idris B Bidin Course Chair 68790447 ABE
Jason Yeo Technical Supervisor 68707887 ABE
Ju-Ann Lee Technical Support Officer 67721178 ABE
Juneita Binte Juma'at Lecturer 68790452 ABE
Karen Foo Management Support Officer 68790439 ABE
Keith Tan Yong Tze Senior Lecturer 67721124 ABE
Kelly Tan Lecturer 67721176 ABE
Law Ying Tracy Lecturer 68790448 ABE
Lee Keng Keng Senior Lecturer 67721194 ABE
Lee Mee Fah Senior Lecturer 68790454 ABE
Lee Wei Kian Technical Support Officer 68790464 ABE
Leong Yiat Yam Senior Lecturer 68790461 ABE
Liang Mui Keow Senior Lecturer 68790456 ABE
Liew Siang Ling Course Chair 68790457 ABE
Lim Boon Tek Technical Support Officer 68790458 ABE
Lim Chun Keat Lecturer 68790459 ABE
Liow Zhengping Lecturer 67721595 ABE
Liu Kao Xue Senior Lecturer 67721471 ABE
Liu Qishan Senior Lecturer 67721660 ABE
Loo Ching Nong Senior Lecturer 68790460 ABE
Low Chek Choon Technical Supervisor 68704601 ABE
Lucas Lim Technical Support Officer 68790443 ABE
Lye May Yook Management Support Officer 67721035 ABE
Marilyn Agustin Bergonia Lecturer 67721267 ABE
Nashatar Singh Senior Lecturer 68790465 ABE
Ng Kok Wei Technical Support Officer 67721304 ABE
Ng Wen Yi Lecturer 67721056 ABE
Ng Weng Fai Senior Lecturer 67721667 ABE
Ong Chee Fatt Course Chair 68704623 ABE
Ong Kung Yew Deputy Director 68704641 ABE
Ong Lye Huat Technical Supervisor 68706118 ABE
Ong Suat Ni Technical Support Officer 68707095 ABE
Ong Yiwen Management Support Officer 68706059 ABE
Phyllis Low Lecturer 68708261 ABE
Priscilla Foo Lecturer 67721331 ABE
Ramasamy Rajesree Lecturer 67721610 ABE
Raphael Wong Course Chair 65902755 ABE
Richard Chang Yee Chong Lecturer 68704859 ABE
Ricky Lim Lecturer 67721032 ABE
Roland Ouh Technical Support Officer 68790313 ABE
Rudy Ang Senior Lecturer 67721063 ABE
Saculo Marne Lomibao Lecturer 67721175 ABE
Sally Ng Academic Mentor 68704758 ABE
See Thiam Lye Technical Support Officer 67721509 ABE
Shahrul Kamal Bin Shahni Technical Support Officer 67721301 ABE
Sia Bee Gee Deputy Director 68704861 ABE
Soh Chee Meng Senior Lecturer 68704863 ABE
Soo-Ng Geok Ling Academic Mentor 67721166 ABE
Su Huiping Lecturer 68790445 ABE
Tan Poh Seng Senior Lecturer 68706115 ABE
Tan Shia Tew Senior Lecturer 67721662 ABE
Tan Siu Huang Senior Lecturer 67721199 ABE
Tao Nengfu Senior Lecturer 67721152 ABE
Teo Kian Hun Senior Lecturer 68706101 ABE
Tessalin Ng Lecturer 68704657 ABE
Ti-Phua Meow Ngoh Senior Lecturer 67721164 ABE
Toh Sok Na Lecturer 68790435 ABE
Usha Rani Management Support Officer 67721198 ABE
Usman Bin Sallah Technical Support Officer 68706055 ABE
Wayne Tee Lecturer 68706123 ABE
Wilkie Ong Keng Soon Technical Support Officer 68707812 ABE
Wong Kum Kit Lecturer 68708257 ABE
Yeo Huang Kiat Senior Lecturer 67721668 ABE
Yue Siew Chin Technical Supervisor 67721148 ABE
Zainon Bte Salleh Senior Lecturer 67721392 ABE