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Loh Ya Xin

I was from Diploma in Business Administration, majored in Marketing and Retail options in Year 3 and I graduated with Diploma with Merit. I am accepted to National University of Singapore (NUS) for a 4-year Law degree starting this academic year.

The 3 years in SP were so far the best years of my life. I cherish every moment I had in school with my peers and lecturers. Friendships and teacher-student relationships were fostered and blossomed over time. Be it the first presentation, eating lunch at food court 6 or graduation day, I can still remember every bit vividly. No doubt there were tough times in the process, like when we stayed back till late to prepare for projects, but that’s what make our shared experiences even more treasured.

SP Business School (SPSB) is not about memorising textbooks and regurgitating content for pure academic achievements. SPSB strives to provide authentic learning experience for all students. I particularly loved the intellectually stimulating external projects that provided us with invaluable real-life application experiences. I had the honour to work with NETS and Jurong Point Shopping Mall in my final year. My team was crowned champion in NETS FlashPay Marketing Competition, co-held by NETS and SP, for the most creative and comprehensive marketing plan. Such exceptional experiences certainly opened many other doors.

All the knowledge and wisdom that I was taught by my lecturers have served me well on many academic and social occasions. I owe my achievements to all the SPSB lecturers who have educated me during my course of study. I would like to mention 2 lecturers who have really made an impact in my SP life. They are Mrs Sarah Lim, Head of Marketing and Retail Department; and Mr Amos Tan, a lecturer from the same department. I am fortunate to have them as lecturers since first year and have been under their guidance and care ever since. They truly care for every student they teach and would go the extra mile to offer the best to their students. They are the epitomes of true education, not just to impart knowledge, but to also open up minds to new horizons.

To my juniors in SPSB, STUDY HARD, PLAY HARD. Do not be afraid to experience new things and spend every minute in SP wisely. Time flies and whatever comes after graduation, be it work or further education, it would not be the same. Good luck to all, and I am sure you would have an equally mind-blowing 3 years in SP like I had. J


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