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MobFest eBook Award - Champion


The MobFest eBook Competition was organised by INDT to encourage the use of mobile technology in SP for teaching, learning and working. Team INFINITY from MS won the 1st Prize in Staff Category with Quadratic Curves ebook.

In this multi-touch eBook created with iBook Authoring Tool, users learn the topic of Quadratic Curves through a self-discovery process with well-designed activities incorporating:



Chiang Teik Weng Toh Hiap Aik
Sharon Quek Lai Say Beng
Jason Chui Ha Mai Lan


Excellence in Teaching Award


Dr. Jaya Shreeram s/o S Jayaram

Dr Jaya is a dedicated and enthusiastic lecturer who is always concerned about his students' learning. He has consistently received excellent feedback from his students who described him as a master at communicating and explaining mathematical concepts. He always emphasizes the importance of understanding the concepts instead of memorizing formulae. He engages his students by asking thought-provoking questions. He targets especially weaker students so that they do not feel left out and ensures that every student understands his lessons well.


Dr. Babulakshmanan Ramachandran

Since joining MS five years ago as a lecturer, Dr Ram has consistently shown great passion and enthusiasm in teaching. His students describe him as a very patient and caring lecturer. He is often seen giving his weaker students extra lessons to help them catch up in their studies. It is no wonder that he has consistently received excellent feedback from his students. He has a unique way to get them excited about learning mathematics.


Journal of Teaching Practice Award


Construction of a Multiple-Choice Questions Bank


Chia Hui Teng

Lee Hwee Theng Kok-Mak Chew Pheng



Challenging and Non-Routine Questions in Diploma Mathematics and Science Modules: A Polytechnic’s Experience


Chia Hui Teng

Lee Hwee Theng Tan-Yeoh Ah Choo



Reflections on the Use of Technology in Teaching Engineering Mathematics


Quek Wei Ching

Kok-Mak Chew Pheng



Enhancing Learning of Quadratic Functions and Graphs Through Active Learning Activities in the LAMS Environment


Yeo Soo Ngoh

Chan Keong Chee Tan Yeo Khon Dr. Chee Chin Yi Lai Say Beng


E-Learning Award



Self-Learning In Engineering Mathematics 2B (MS4206)


Quek Kai Leong

Adopting Online Platforms to Complement Face-to-Face Teaching and Learning


Chia Hui Teng

Lai Say Beng Dr. Edna Chan Tan-Yeoh Ah Choo




MOBFEST  2012 - Champion


After being kept in suspense for a month after the final judging, the MS Infinity Team is elated to walk away with first prize in the SP MobFest 2012 eBook Competition Staff Category! 


In this multi-touch ebook titled “Graph of Functions” created with iBook Authoring Tool, users learn the characteristics of graphs through a self-discovery process with well-designed activities incorporating:


  • - meaningful visualizations – images, animations, gallery and video to lay the foundation of knowledge
  • - interactive elements – customized widgets and review exercises to verify and deepen users’ grasp of concepts


The first chapter on Coordinate Geometry ascertains users’ prior knowledge through independent learning. 
The second chapter on Straight Line Graphs is best used in an active learning classroom environment with peer collaboration and instructor’s facilitation. 


The topics in this ebook can be extended in the near future.

Participating in the MobFest Competition gave us a unique opportunity to be teachers, students, software developers, game designers, movie makers and publishers all at the same time.  In fact, creating an interactive ebook that could transform the experience of learning was like inventing a piece of the future, which was both exciting and gratifying!

Preview the ebook here:





Excellence in Education and Teaching 2012 - 12th September 2012


Excellence in Teaching Award



Sharon Quek


Sharon is a talented staff whose lessons are well-organized with clear explanations. She uses various teaching approaches such as interactive learning activities to capture her students' attention and pique their interest in the subject they are learning. She always tries to maximize her students' learning by giving individual attention that customizes to each student's learning style. She monitors her students' performance closely and conducts remedial classes and small group consultations for both the weaker and repeat students. She has the ability to bond with her students, understand and resonate with their feelings and emotions.



Quek Kai Leong


Kai Leong is a dedicated lecturer who shows plenty of concern for his students' learning. He receives excellent feedback from his students who find that his lessons are highly informative and enriching. His warm personality proves to be popular among students who often approach him when they have difficulties in Mathematics. He is always enthusiastic in teaching and is willing to provide extra guidance for weaker students to assist them in grasping important concepts.





Journey of Teaching Practice Award


Develop Students' Problem Solving and Logic Reasoning Skills in an Introductory Programming Module For Engineering students



 Ong Joo Ling

 Toh Hiap Aik

 Sharon Xu


Teaching to the test: The MS experience



 Chia Hui Teng

  Kok - Mak  Chew Pheng

  Yaw -  Chee  Ping Yuen






Excellence in Teaching Award


Ong Chwee Sim


Chwee Sim consistently receives excellent feedback from her students. Her lessons are always interesting, engaging and enriching. Her warm personality proves to be popular among students who often approach her for extra coaching.


Dr Norman Lee


Dr Lee is an energetic and enthusiastic lecturer. He has introduced several interesting and effective ideas into the teaching of physics. He is also often seen spending extra time coaching the weaker students so that they do not get left behind.




Outstanding Personal Tutor Award


Cecilia Mak Lye Kin
Cecilia’s tutees describe her as “friendly and professional”. They appreciate her regular checks on their well-being (directly with them or with other lecturers); and for the regular updates on events that are important for their development.


Patrick Phang
“Willing to listen to us whole-heartedly” is how Patrick’s tutees perceive him. They appreciate him for alerting other lecturers when they are unable to attend classes. He will also call to enquire about their well-being.






Excellence in e-Learning Award

Lai Nai Shin 
How Good are Sample Statistics?


Chia Tien Chern, Chan Keong Chee & Lai Say Beng
Understand Quadratic Function Graph and Quadratic Equation



Journey of Teaching Practice Award


Tan-Yeoh Ah Choo, Soh Ying Ying, Dr Qian Liwen & Lai Say Beng (MS)
Learning by Teaching: the ldl experience


Lee Hwee Theng, Quek Wei Ching & Dr Loo Wing You (MS)
Using writing exercises to improve students’ learning of relations and functions







Excellence in Education and Teaching 2010 - 30th September 2010


Excellence in Teaching Award


Althea Attan Lim

Althea Attan Lim
Althea is a lively, vibrant and energetic lecturer who is enthusiastic in teaching and helping students. Students find her lessons simple and crystal clear. She uses fun animations to enhance her presentations. She is able to relate stories and day-to-day life experiences to the topics taught and her students are able to appreciate and relate mathematics to engineering easily.

Joseph Teo





Joseph Teo
Joseph is an energetic young lecturer with the special “x-factor”. His lessons are clear and well paced. He uses various teaching approaches to capture students’ attention and arouse their interest in subject learning through peer-help groups, immediate feedback and mutual answer checking. His students enjoy his lessons which are spiced with funny jokes and songs to help them learn mathematical formulae.






Journey of Teaching Practice Award

JTP Award Winners


Cecilia Mak Lye Kin, Lai Woh Chiong, Lim How Kim, Sharon Xu Lei
Collaborative Learning with Blackboard Wiki


Dr Edna Chan, Dr Liu Qizhang
Learning Styles of Singapore Polytechnic Students: A Case Study


Kok-Mak Chew Pheng , Linda Tan
Evaluating Objective Test Items in ms2224: An Item Analysis


Tan-Yeoh Ah Choo, Yeo Soo Ngoh, Soh Ying Ying, Dr Qian Liwen
Matching Of Teaching Approaches With Students Learning Styles




IQC Team Excellence Symposium - 21 -24 September 2010


Mathwit (Team led by Quek Wei Ching) – SILVER award

Digital Videos designed for the teaching and learning of calculator statistical functions





MS IQC team MathWit won a gold award for their project "Active and Reflective Learning of Engineering Mathematics"



On 24 September, MS IQC team MathWit presented their project "Active and reflective Learning of Engineering Mathematics" at the Team Excellence Symposium organized by Singapore Productivity Association.

The project investigated and evaluated various ways to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of peer teaching of engineering mathematics. Based on selected topics in engineering mathematics, MathWit designed a comprehensive instructional guide for peer teaching. The instructional guide has assisted students to focus, manage, reflect and work as a team. The innovative solution has helped to increase students’ confidence, improve performance, and reduce the time spent on peer teaching.

 IQC Gold Award