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History of the School of Mathematics & Science

The School of Mathematics & Science (MS) began more than 50 years ago since SP inception back in 1954.

Below are the key milestones for the School of MS throughout the years:

Year Events
  • Started off as Mathematics and Science Division, responsible for all instruction in Mathematics and Engineering Sciences.
  • The advisory committee on Environmental Engineering was formed at the initiative of the Division.
  • A new subject ‘Environmental Engineering’ was initiated for all second year full-time technician courses in engineering.
  • The Division, in association with the Anti-Pollution Unit and the Ministry of the Environment, conducted an extra-mural course on Environmental Control.
  • The Division also conducted two extra-mural courses on Energy Conservation in Buildings, in conjunction with PUB.
  • The Division is renamed Mathematics and Science Department (MS).
  • Computing was introduced to all students.
  • 12 microcomputer laboratories were set up to support the teaching of Computer Programming.
  • Streamed incoming students based on their ‘O’ Level Mathematics background.
  • Offered basic mathematics modules to those without additional mathematics.
  • Launched Preparatory Mathematics Programme for students without GCE ‘O’ Level Additional Mathematics.
  • Launched Certificate in Engineering Mathematics (CEM) which prepared our graduates for further studies in engineering and technology.
  • MS leads the project to implement SP first computerised time-tabling system.
  • Preparatory Mathematics Programme was revamped to become an online programme.
  • Launched the Specialist Diploma in Statistics and Information Management.
  • SP offered General Elective Modules (GEM) to all students. MS administered the scheme.
  • Diploma-plus scheme started in SP.
  • CEM and a new Certificate in Software Programming & Applications are offered under this scheme.
  • Specialist Diploma in Statistics and Information Management revamped and course renamed as Specialist Diploma in Statistics and Data Mining.
  • SP offered Advanced Elective Modules (AEM) to secondary students in support of MOE effort to enrich secondary education. MS administered the programme.
  • Dip-plus CEM was revamped into two tracks: Dip-plus Certificate in Engineering Mathematics & Science and Dip-plus Certificate in Mathematics for Engineering to meet the different needs of students progressing to different courses of studies.
  • Dip-plus Certificate in Business Mathematics and Economics offered for business and management students. Dip-plus Certificate in Mathematics offered for digital media and IT students.
  • Launched MS Learning Space to foster interaction and bonding among staff (full-time and adjunct).
  • Mathematics and Science Department is renamed School of Mathematics and Science.
  • MS offered short courses on Preparatory Mathematics for University (PMU) and Preparatory Physics for University (PPU) to prepare students for University studies.
  • MS offered modules on Advanced Mathematics and Physics to Engineering students.
  • SP offers Polytechnic Foundation Programme (PFP) to Sec 4 N(A) students in support of MOE effort to provide another pathway for progression for secondary school students. MS chairs the programme. To support PFP, 2 Physics laboratories, 1 Learning studio and 1 Chemistry/Biology laboratory were set up.

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