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DBF Farewell 2012

The DBF Post-Internship & Farewell Event was held on the 9th March 2012, which was specially organised for the DBF Year 3 students by a handful of lecturers as well as the Student Chapter.

As our seniors set their feet back onto the school grounds for the first time after 3 months of internship, beaming smiles on their faces seemed to glow as the morning rays of the sun illuminated the area.

Goodie bags were handed to all at the registration counters, along with small post-it notes for them to pen down their thoughts and feelings towards the school, their lecturers and friends. Students and lecturers started to engage in cheery conversations and soon, small groups were seen scattered around the foyer outside MLT 8. It was indeed a challenge for the ushers to convince them to halt their enthusiastic exchanges of internship experiences as well as post-internship lives and proceed into the lecture hall!

Inside MLT 8, music softened when majority settled down and voices of the emcees took over to give a morning greeting and warm welcome to the Year 3s. A talk regarding alumni matters was delivered, after which they headed back out to the foyer for a tea reception.

Following which, an activity named – “My option is better than your option!” – inspired by “Who wants to Be a Millionaire” was held in the lecture hall. With excitement levels of the participants boosted, it definitely hyped up the event. Hosted by the Student Chapter and emcees, the graduating cohort was divided into 2 groups based on their course option of Banking or Financial Trading after the game rules were explained. Questions tested included those of general knowledge and ones from which they have learnt in various modules during their 3 years of study in SP. A scoreboard was prepared to track the points earned by the two options separately, which was pretty successful in mounting tension for the game! And it goes without saying that the winning option went home not only with prizes, but sense of satisfaction too!

A beat-boxing performance was also staged by a DBF Year 1 student, Roy See and his friend. Since farewell is always filled with multi-emotions, after all the fun it is the time for emotional moments. Video montages of the nine classes, done by each class chairperson, were played. With all the joyful, humorous and loving times spent together captured on pictures flashing across their eyes, it definitely triggered those wonderful memories to flood into each individual’s mind. Reminiscing the past together with their friends made most of them realize that life on campus seem to pass so fast that it withers away in the blink of an eye.

Then, there was an exceptional uproar when a video started playing. No one expected the appearance of their supportive lectures on screen where advice, wisdom and encouragement were spelled out to motivate them. This surprise was wrapped up with a singing session where the lyrics were projected onto the screen and students sang along with their lecturers while their hands waved to the rhythm of the song.

Each class had a good snapshot to stop the memorable moment from running away. A beautiful day then comes to an end with hugs once again and promises to keep in touch.


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