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DBIT Bonding Day 2010

On the 23rd of June 2010 Diploma in Business Information Technology (DBIT) students come together to experience a fun-filled Bonding Day – “The Superheroes Bonding Day”.

Posters promoting the event have been spotted all over School of Business since May. A facebook page was set up and had garnered a strong following among the DBIT students. Even lecturers were talking about the event and discussing about the highlights of the events with the students.


The organizing committee comprising of Year 3 DBIT students started planning for the big event in end April. Many setbacks, many arguments, many exchanges of ideas, and many discussions beyond sunset later, the grand plan for the bonding day was set up and executed beautifully.

The dark clouds on the day of the event did not damper the spirits of the students and their enthusiasm was rewarded with subsequent better weather.  The event opened with the screening of “Superman Returns”. After a short address by Ms Leong Fong Sow, the chairperson for the DBIT course, all the students proceed to the Aranda Country Club. At the Club, interaction games were carried out by the group leaders which captured many candid moments. After getting to know each other better, the students participated in the “Superhero dress-up”. Each group was to dress their “models” up as superheroes creatively using basic materials like masking tapes, paper plates, plastic cups and such. It was a hilarious affair! “Superheroes Telematch” was up next.  Students pitched their physical strength and creativity at eight exciting stations. As the night closed in, students returned to the chalet for a sumptuous BBQ-cum-buffet.


The fulfilling experience of the Bonding day is summed up in Chin Gee’s (DBIT Year 3 student, a main organiser of the event) reflections: “Mixed feelings were felt when the event ended. I was relieved, relieved that the event has passed successfully. I was sad, sad that the event has ended. I was happy, happy that everyone had fun and enjoyed themselves, regardless of Year1s or Year3s or the lecturers. Most importantly, all of our efforts had not been put to waste. It has been a great experience for everyone will not be forgotten for years to come.”





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