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Entrepreneurship Life - The Suckies Experience

Ever tried sucking beancurd through a straw instead of scooping it up with a spoon?  In Singapore Polytechnic, this interesting way of enjoying beancurd pudding is now synonymous with the brand ‘Suckies’.   

Suckies was set up by our own SB Entrepreneurship Option students, introducing a whole new way of enjoying and savouring beancurd. Said Suckies founder Lee Zhen Yang, ‘Customers get to relish the tasty bean curd experience with every cup of beancurd pudding they suck.  We are very different from other beancurd pudding brands because we offer our own culture in every cup.  Through our marketing, we emphasize delivering energetic fun and exuberance – with a dash of cheeky humour - to our customers, who are primarily youths and young adults’.  

However, youthful fun and happiness appeals to everyone. We saw lecturers, polytechnic staff and even visitors to SP patronize the Suckies stall.  

We asked them if being in the Singapore Polytechnic Business School Entrepreneurship Option helped them in their business. Zhen Yang replied with confidence that their lecturers did their utmost best in helping them. ‘Our errors and mistakes were easily spotted and overcome, allowing us to turn our ‘cons’ into our ‘pros’. Entrepreneurship is very tough but as long as there's a will, there’s a way,’ said Zhen Yang.  The Suckies founder credited Singapore Polytechnic for giving them a magnificent environment for cultivating their mind and thoughts for their business.

So what are their plans for the future? Suckies is very determined to continue their business even after they complete their polytechnic education.    






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