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SB Community Service Day


On 15 Sep 2011, 19 staff and 7 students from SP Business School started their day early at 7.30am. As part of the SB Community Service Day, staff and students volunteered at the Highpoint Community Services Association (HCSA).

Since 1995, HCSA has been helping drug addicts, ex-offenders, disadvantaged children, the mentally challenged and the elderly.

Its services include daily food preparation and distribution to more than 1300 individuals. What staff and students did that morning included washing and cutting the fruits and vegetables. After the food was cooked, over 1300 serving of food were packed for the less fortunate. Bread, mooncakes and bottled mushrooms were also distributed to persons in need. It was hard work for one day of servings. HCSA prepares this large quantity of food 365 days a year. This is highly commendable.

After all the food had been prepared and distributed out, we attended a briefing session. At this session, one of the ex in-mates gave his testimony. It was touching to hear his life story and we were heartened to hear about the transformation that has occurred in his life.

Lecturer Miss Tan Soon Ting said: “The visit to HighPoint is really one of the most meaningful volunteering work I have done. It is great fun putting in our hearts to prepare food for persons in need. Even though we do not get to see their faces, we could imagine their joy as they tucked into their yummy lunch.” These feelings certainly resonated amongst all who volunteered that day.





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