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Amazing DFI Students!

Amazing DFI Students!

Su Min with her project mates!

3 diplomas in 3 years!

Lee Su Min (pictured in jacket and with her final-year-project team mates), a final-year student in the Diploma in Financial Informatics (DFI) course is one amazing student. She would have completed 3 diplomas by the time she graduates from DFI in Feb 2011. While studying in SP, she enrolled herself into a Diploma-Plus Certificate in Software Programming & Applications (PCSPA). During her study breaks and in the evenings, she completed yet another diploma in accounting (LCCI level 3 group diploma in accounting). How did she do it? It is her firm belief in seizing every opportunity to learn more that motivates her. She is highly task-oriented and she manages her time well. In the midst of all this studying, she still found time to work part-time at the Tourism Australia office in Singapore.  Awesome!

 Akita Kicking

Heels for Boots!

Atika Rosli, a final-year student in the Diploma in Financial Informatics (DFI) is one sporty lady. She represents SP in soccer (or football) – traditionally a male-dominated sport. You would think she is all muscular and manly. But that is so far from the truth. Atika, when she is not in her football gear, is an attractive and feminine young lady. Why football you would ask? She follows the footsteps of her mom and her elder sister who plays football. She is even aspiring to represent Singapore one day just like her mom in her younger days. Guys, are you game enough?

 Project Touch

Making a difference the DFI way!  

Students in the pioneer batch of Diploma in Financial Informatics recently completed their final year projects. While most other students have elected to complete projects for companies, one group named Project Touch brought smiles to the poor and needy. The foursome approached their project client – The Buddhist Library in Oct 2010 for a project. The Buddhist Library challenged the group to develop strategies to engage youth. On this page, we have one of the videos Project Touch produced. 

Dr. Wong Weng-Fai, a volunteer and chairman of the non-profit organisation, only has praises for the group. He said:  “Their desire to truly make a difference was commendable and with such attitude, they will certainly go far with whatever they do!’’. 

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