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DBID Alumni awarded the NTU College Scholarship

Keriann was part of the pioneer batch of Business Innovation and Design students in SP Business School. Her first steps into DBID were tentative ones, not knowing what to expect of her three years. But her hard work and willingness to challenge herself landed her a place in the psychology undergraduate programme in NTU after graduating from Singapore Polytechnic in May this year. But the icing on the cake was when NTU offered her a full scholarship, which included both tuition fees and living allowances. The College Scholarship covers up to the normal programme duration on condition that the scholarship holder maintains a record of good academic performance and conduct satisfactory to the University.

In a short interview with Keriann, she spoke of her days in DBID, “My fondest memories in DBID are the dedicated lecturers who challenge limitations, raise expectations and inspire achievement. This led us to performing beyond our own expectations and a great step into our prospective future. The learning ground is also not limited within the boundaries of the classroom but extending to every corner of the world.” She also credited her experience in DBID to her course mates, whom she said each had unique and creative talents of their own.

When asked how DBID had prepared her for her future, she was quick to add, “DBID has provided me with enormous opportunities for my personal growth and development, in terms of interpersonal skills and character building. Also, being equipped with critical thinking abilities, I was better able to face various challenges encountered in university. The authentic learning where I could work with real world clients through internships and the UnBoxed Student Agency had given me an extra edge over my peers in terms of working experiences.”

Keriann continues to make the diploma proud. And wishes her juniors all the best in their learning journey with DBID, “There are abundant opportunities available in DBID, so get ready to explore and make every effort to maximise your learning experience. Don't be afraid to take chances. Be limitless.”





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