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DFI Bonding Events 2015

Sentosa Fiesta Bonding Day


As the academic year came to a close, there was one last event for the freshmen before they moved on to the second year of their journey in Singapore Polytechnic. The student chapter committee had already begun meticulously planning out a Sentosa Bonding Day event for the freshmen way before their final semester exams had started.


DFI Fun at the Beach!


The event took place on the 16th of March 2015. Parties that took part were not only the freshmen, but also their seniors as well. This gave everyone in DFI the opportunity to not only get to know their seniors, but forge stronger bonds with their batch mates as well. Games that were played on that day itself such as ‘Capture the flag’, ‘Poison ball’, ‘Amazing Race’ and ‘Photo hunt’.


As the Sentosa Bonding Day came to an end, prizes were given out to the various groups that participated and performed well in the various games. Cheers rang out when the group names were called and the group leader went up to collect the prizes, the position that the group came in scarcely mattered to anyone.


 – Mok Zong Han, Student Chapter Organizing Committee Member 


Bonding time before the game started

Reach out for the FRISBEE!!!


“BURY THE GIRL” with happiness

Champion of the day!

All the best for our graduting seniors!!!!!JJJJ

Quality time spent with one anotherJ

The AWESOME Organizing Committee! 




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