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The DFI Internship Experience!



The DFI Internship Experience!

Sek Chow Hoong, a Diploma in Financial Informatics (DFI) final-year student , began her 12-week internship programme at DBS Bank on 6 Dec. 2010.  And she has the following to share:

“This is my first time working full-time, but my experience as an intern in DBS is truly valuable and meaningful. First of all, it provides me an opportunity for hands-on work experience that I cannot get in the classroom. Secondly, it gives me the chance to apply the skills and knowledge I have learned in school. Thirdly, the internship programme allows me to meet people from the banking field. 

As a resource planner in the workforce management team, I am required to liaise with supervisors and team managers to prepare rosters and schedules to meet the DBS customer centre’s manpower requirements. Although I am not used to it at first, but I really appreciate the interaction with supervisors and managers. It really helped in improving my written and verbal communication skills. The learning curve is steep but that makes it more exciting to work in DBS as an intern.”

Chow Hoong

Chen JiaLong and Liu TianYu, both DFI interns at Bank of China have the following to share:

 JiaLong: “I am an intern at the Bank of China Card Centre, Singapore. It is a wonderful working and learning environment here. I believe my experience will help me gain an insight into the consumer banking industry’. 

TianYu: “‘It is a great opportunity and honour for me to work in Bank of China Singapore as an intern.  Bank of China is an international bank with its headquarter located in Beijing. Although I do not have the necessary experience but the staff here is patient and ever willing in showing me the ropes. I am confident my internship training here over three months will be fruitful’.

DFI Interns' Chen JiaLong and Liu TianYu

DFI interns at NCS have the following to share:

Cindy Tan: “I am glad to have been given an opportunity to be an intern at NCS. The experience here has been good. It was not as scary as I thought it would be. And, having understanding supervisors really helped!”

Canaan Ee: “NCS is a big company. I am sure my internship experience will be enriching and helps in my personal and professional development.”

DFI NCS Interns

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