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National Economics and Financial Management Challenge (NEFMC) 2015

From left to right : Toh Xi En, Foo Li Wen, Puah Shu Ang and Keith Wee.

The National Economics and Financial Management Challenge (NEFMC) is an annual competition organised by the NUS Economics Society in collaboration with MoneySense. We grabbed the opportunity to participate when it was held this year.  Despite the fact that our team – Team SP -  was from different classes and specialisations.

In the Preliminary Round, we were required to do up an info-graphic on Nash equilibrium.  Next, was the round on game theory (minority). For this, we were supposed to pick between 2 choices but were only awarded points if we were the minority in the group of 9 teams. This was followed by another gruelling round of MCQs. In an hour, we had to answer 60 questions comprising Economics and Financial Planning topics. It was a tough battle because several questions were not covered in our syllabus. Nevertheless, we tried and hoped for the best results. 

When the results were announced, we were overwhelmed and delighted that our team made it to the finals of the competition!  This was held on July 24, 2015 at the NUS Shaw Auditorium.  The final round consisted of a buzzer round and a case presentation of a recent economic event. Even though we did not win the buzzer round, we were pleased with our achievement as we had done SP proud by emerging in the finals in this competition! Team SP was the only poly in the finals of the NEFMC competition.  This competition was all the more memorable for us as we had a great time working with one another.

We would like to thank Ms Angela Koh, Mr Ong Chai Lin and Mr Kenneth Tai for their advice, guidance and support during the entire competition.

Jointly written by:
Toh Xi En and Keith Wee Kok Hong



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