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Finals of Mott's Snapple International Marketing Plan Competition 2014

13 August 2014….it’s the Finals of the SP Business School  - Mott’s Snapple International Marketing Plan Competition.

The final year Diploma in Business Administration (DBA) (Marketing Management) option students were tasked to craft a year-long marketing plan for the Snapple brand.  After a semester of planning and preparation, 3 teams were shortlisted for the Finals and they were required to pitch their marketing campaigns to a panel of five judges. One of the judges was our client and Guest of Honour, Mr Jeremy Ng, Regional Sales Manager, South East Asia of Mott’s Snapple International. The students were pleasantly surprised that Mr Ng is a SP DBA alumni. He challenged the teams with these words…“Tell us how to sell Snapple to you guys”.


The teams crafted innovative campaigns and ideas that were not only attractive but also feasible to implement. In fact, the audience were wowed over with the seemingly never-ending marketing ideas presented by the teams.

To add the icing on the cake, all the teams created and showcased high-quality advertising videos that were fun, entertaining and meaningful for Snapple. They certainly knew how to use humour to capture the customer’s heart!.

At the end of the day, the champion team, Snape It All, won over the judges and the audience with its comprehensive analysis and realistic ideas.

Snap It All,
From the left: Mr Jeremy Ng, Mr Aaron Tan, Ms Annabel Toh, Ms Low Hsiang Ling and Ms Sheron Quck

The first runner up was team, Snap Away, who impressed with the most props, engaging videos and great showmanship.

Snap Away
From the left: Mr Jeremy Ng, Mr Muhammad Haziq, Ms Ong Jing Hui, Ms Rachel Ming, Mr Andy Ye, Ms Fatimah and Mr Woo Jin Da

Team Snappiness came in as second runner up and received unadulterated attention from the audience most notably due to its hilarious video, “One is Never Enough”..

From the left: Mr Jeremy Ng, Mr Sean Chang, Mr Dexter Choo, Ms Leow Hsin Ning, Mr Keith Liew and Ms Adelina Lim

Mr Ng summed up the intensity of the competition with these words.

“It was very close and we had a difficult time trying to choose a winner. Overall, the Judges were very impressed. We were pleasantly surprised by the effort you guys have put in,” he said. “The winning team was the one who was able to marry Snapple and the consumers in the market in all the activities that were planned.”

Guest of Honour, Mr Jeremy Ng, Regional Sales Manager, South East Asia of Mott’s Snapple International applauded the 3 teams for their tremendous effort in crafting their marketing plans

Mr. Tang Kah Heong, Senior Manager of SP Business School said in a short interview, “Overall, the presentations were good and professional. There were creative ideas not thought of by the industry players and insights that were not realised by them as well.”

Mr. Tang Kah Heong, Senior Manager of SP Business School on the left

Leader of the team, Snap Away, Ms. Rachel Ming, stated that it was a rewarding experience to be able to go head to head against the other teams. She was grateful to the support given to her team from DBA 12..

Leader of the team, Snap Away, Ms. Rachel Ming,

Best speaker, Mr. Andy Ye, from the team, SnapAway, said that it was a big shock that he was awarded the best speaker. He added that his mind went blank for a second before being nudged by his fellow team members to claim the prize.

Best speaker, Mr. Andy Ye with all smiles

Mr. Lee Ee Hong, a student from DBA12, stated that it was a truly wonderful time to be able to attend such an exciting competition and support his friends.  He further said that the ideas from the teams were the epitome of creativity.
Mr. Seah Jia Jun, a student, stated that he attended out of support for Snap It All and his friend, Ms. Low Hsiang Ling. He said that it was inspiring to see how she responded to the judges’ questions so boldly. He further said that his passionate support for them was not in vain as they emerged the champion team.

Overall, it was an enjoyable learning experience for all.

Audiences were wowed by the teams’ presentation

The industry partner for the next Marketing Plan Competition is Mandom Corporation (Singapore) Pte Ltd and our students will be working on their renowned Gatsby brand.

Industry guests and Lecturers

Not forgetting our helpful DBA Year 1 students playing a part as emcees and ushers

We had fun! Wide smiles from the DBA teams and their supportive classmates



(Article written by Ms Sim Hwee Teng and Mr Sunny Ho of DBA/FT/3A/12)




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