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Wood.Pecker is a novel business that retails wood-themed products such as cellphone and tablet cases as well as bamboo watches. This business was established by four young Singapore Polytechnic Business School entrepreneurs with a love for nature and an eye for exquisite products. Sofia Yowendra take care of the administration of the business while Nigel Ng is the operations manager. Leong Yiyin is the in-house designer for marketing campaigns and Yvonne Chan is the financial accountant.  Despite each member having his or her own role, they share one thing in common - all of them love wood. Together, they source for unique wood-themed products every day as they improve the business together as one.

So what are their most popular products? Their bestsellers are Wood.Pecker’s own uniquely crafted cork phone cases and their ritzy bamboo watches. They offer a personalization service, where customers are able to have their names or even pictures carved onto their wooden phone cases as well, thus following their slogan ‘Something to call Your Own’. Their products range from $15 to $50, an affordable price range for both students and young adults alike.

“Wood is an uncommon material in the use of daily accessories; hence with the concept of exclusivity, we want to let our customers stand out from the crowd,” said Yiyin. All of the four entrepreneurs draw inspiration from nature, and after learning of the special properties of wood, they decided to focus on a wood-themed business so as to introduce a sense of nature into our everyday city lives.

Even though wood is an evergreen material, our entrepreneurs at Woodpecker feel that its classy nature and unique qualities - such as its beauty, warmth and versatility - is underappreciated today. With their beautiful, carefully designed and selected products, Woodpecker wants to make wood the latest trend.






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