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DTRM Cruise Study Trip Sept 2012

Day 1

It’s the first day of cruise and we’re tingling with excitement and a little bit of nervousness! The trip on the bus is a great place to take lots of pictures with my classmates. As we were approaching the harbour, we could see Super Star Virgo which is such a magnificent cruise ship! However, all good things come with a price, and the price was waiting for what seems like eternity to check in. The place was totally packed with people other than our course mates. Well, what’s the best way to pass time then? Hmm…I got it! Once again, we were taking pictures among ourselves and we read up on the ship so that we wouldn’t get lost on board. After an hour or so, we finally got to board the ship and our journey begins! It was off to The Mediterranean Buffet to fill our growling stomachs first! I was so excited at the sight of the sumptuous spread and the wide variety of choices of food. YUMMY! After lunch was a debrief at The Galaxy of The Stars, a place that comes alive only at night. What should we do if something unfortunate happens to the ship? A safety drill was what happened next – to get us prepared. Now, time to check out the facilities available through a tour by a crew member! It was a quick tour- past the restaurants and facilities. With quite some time till our next activity, we treated ourselves to some Gelato ice-cream! The beautiful and sparkling interior design of the Grand Piazza definitely serves as a wonderful background for our course photo. Well, it’s only 5pm and so off we go to the Helipad for a class activity with Mr Conrad! We had fun playing some games, laughing and just bonding with each other. To top it off, Mr Conrad’s sense of humour really made it a lot more fun!  Of course, we took some pictures too. A class photograph together is surely one of the best mementos from the cruise. The night is still young and since we have time to spent, we headed to the pool for a good swim, some went for dinner and some went for the show. It was a great first day on board the cruise!

Day 2

Though we didn’t turn in early the night before, we still had a great rest and got up in time for breakfast. We tried out the Bella Vista for breakfast, and we really had a great breakfast  to kick start the day! We met at the Lido Theatre for a talk by the Hotel along with the Food & Beverage Managers. We also had some fun on stage, dancing around with the cruise staff. Up next was one of the highlights for the day –a galley tour around the ship where we learnt about the operations of the different sections of the ship. It was a really educational tour! I learn about how they have to stock up the food, how to minimise wastage of food, and how the hotel manager has to take care of so many areas and with only limited manpower on the cruise, how they have to allocate their staff and resources  to take care of the guests needs must be hard! 

Before leaving the ship for our destination of the day, we had a short tour around the casino, which was a new experience. Then off we went to the Eastern & Oriental Hotel at Penang! What a spacious main lobby and you can actually hear the echo of your voice when you shout towards the ceiling. IT IS SO COOL! Now time for some learning! There were talks by the resident manager, operations manager, as well as the director of human resource. They kindly shared with us about the rooms available and we even get to tour them! We also learned about the history of the hotel, the three founders and so much more.

The hotel grand ballroom is huge and I really hope to have my wedding hosted in such a beautifully decorated ballroom! Look at their staff, they are conducting training for the staff and all of them looked so professional. The view of the sea is really so calming and pretty, and some of our classmates were eagerly trying out the seaside benches.  Looking at the smile on their faces is a sign that they are enjoying themselves. But all good things come to an end. So after a quick group photo, off we went to a local snack shop to grab some goodies back home. Our journey in Penang ended with our final stop at Gurney Plaza to do a bit of shopping. A BBQ feast awaited us passengers for dinner, accompanied by a band playing by the poolside. To end the day, we caught the show featuring the cruise crew members. We managed to snap pictures with some of them too!


Day 3


Rise and shine at 7 am for breakfast! One of the main highlights today is the visit to Phuket, Thailand. Upon arrival at Dusit Thani, Laguna Resort, we were greeted warmly by the staff and then our learning journey began. We had a tour around the resort, visiting the different types of rooms and villas. I learned a lot about their number of rooms, their pricing and so much more. The view of the beach and waves was truly amazing. I really hope to come here and have a holiday someday in the future as this place is really perfect for a holiday! We also got to witness some of the Thailand’s culture like the warm up of the Muay Thai fighters and also experience their wonderful service, the massage. Next stop was Patong where we did our shopping before heading to Mercure Resort for a Thai Buffet Lunch.

Finally the night we’ve all been looking forward to-Gala Night! This is definitely one of the best nights we had in cruise. All of us got to dressed up and also enjoyed a wonderful western cuisine in the Bella Vista. On nights like these, you can’t miss out taking tons of photographs and that was exactly what we did! It was a good meal we had while having fun conversations.

What’s a gala night without a gala show? The show of the night entitled ‘Somewhere In Time” was really exciting. It was indeed a spectacular show filled with dance, music, and acrobatics. All the cool acrobatics moves really set my heart thumping! The way they combine their dance moves with acrobatics certainly requires a lot of practice and hard work! The actors are so professional and their costumes are well prepared. It really mustn’t be easy putting this show together!  It was one of the best shows I’ve seen so far. What a long yet fun-filled day!


Day 4


 It’s the last day on the cruise and I am going to miss it! The day started with a prize ceremony and the titles were unexpected and amusing, much to our surprise. It was quite funny to see some of our classmates clinching a few of the awards. It was such a funny session! Well, after the briefing on the checkout procedures, was free time for the rest of the day! We got a chance to play at the arcade while some of us had a final swim at the pool. In short, our final moments on board the Super Star Virgo were spent on eating and playing, which was a great way to end our journey. Honestly this cruise is definitely one of the best overseas trips I ever had!





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