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Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality (DTRM) Hospitality Immersion programme (2 - 21 May 2011)

On 2 May 2011, DTRM Year 2 students commenced their 1-week residential hospitality training at Le Grandeur Palm Resort, Johore, Malaysia. The training programme stretched  over 3 weeks with an average number of 2 classes participating in the programme per week from Monday to Saturday. At the resort, students were trained in hotel front office work, housekeeping and food & beverage management.

The aim of the programme was to provide students with authentic learning in the two specialised DTRM modules (“Introduction to Hotel & Resort Operations” and “Food & Beverage Management”). The training methodology included “hands-on” work, lecture & tutorial sessions, sharing sessions by various hotel personnel and tours of the front and back of the House. Students also engaged in bonding activities after office hours.

Students’ feedback on the programme was very positive as they felt that they learned a lot in a totally different environment.

This was the third batch of DTRM students to have undergone immersion programme in a regional resort.


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