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Hong Kong Study Trip – 17th to 23rd Sep 2012


A group of 15 Banking & Finance students went to Hong Kong to learn more about China in the world economy and the role that Hong Kong plays as a financial and logistics hub in the Pearl River Delta.   


They attended seminars on “Financial Issues in the New Developing Markets”, “Doing Business in China” and “Chinese Wisdom and Modern Management”, acquiring insights into the Chinese way of doing business, peppered with many interesting examples.     


They also visited Bloomberg, KPMG, BCT Financial Limited (similar to our CPF board) and Invest Hong Kong.  From company visits, the students had a good glimpse into the working conditions of accounting firms and the financial sector. Learning first-hand about the working environment sobered them to study harder. 


Disneyland was the next stop. The students were briefed on the Disney Youth Programme, understanding issues such as what employers look out for in recruitment, employee motivation and satisfaction.  


Overall, the students had a good balance of learning and recreation as the nights were kept free for them to explore Hong Kong.   


Many thanks to Ms Koh and Mr Kong for accompanying and taking care of the students during the trip!  Time to plan for another one ....... 





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