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Report on Disney Orlando

Report on Disney Orlando

On 5 March 2011, a group of 23 Diploma in Tourism & Resort Management (DTRM) students left for the USA to begin The University of California Riverside Walt Disney World International College Programme. This is a 15 semester credit certificate programme offered through International Education Programmes, University Extension, that blends academic course work with a supervised paid internship at Walt Disney World ® Resort in Florida. At the end of the programme, the students will received a University of California Riverside Certificate in Hospitality and Tourism Management.

This is the first time that our DTRM students have gone go through the programme in California at the University of California, Riverside (UCR). During the 10-day course, the students were introduced  to the North American Hospitality and Tourism industry to prepare them for their internship at Walt Disney World ® Resort in Florida.

Apart from the 6-hour daily classes daily, the students were also given the opportunity to go on site visits to Los Angeles and Laguna Cliff Resort & Spa.


Overall, the students had a great experience and they had positive comments about the new learning environment.


Quotes from students

Lim An Na:
“As for UCR, the two weeks there were so great! Interesting, interactive lectures, great accessibility to yummy, affordable food and the people there are so helpful. Edmund, for one, though it was his off-day, drove Ya Ting, Marie and I to Best Buy because Marie’s laptop crashed. Unbelievably nice”

 Tan Hui Bin:
"I'm doing really well in USA, really love the environment here and I have Thai people as my apartment mates together with Samantha. They are all really nice!"

 Yang Ya Ting:
“Anyway I feel that UCR was a great opportunity for us to learn. It was really fun and the classes were interesting. I really enjoyed classes due to the way the teachers teach. The schedule was properly planned. We had time to study and time for sightseeing. It was a pity that we were only there for two weeks. As for Disney, it is interesting to work here. Good experience!”

Shiny Chua:
"Wingyan and I did three sets of Chipmunks instead of five sets as originally planned. Wingyan was Chip and I was Dale for the day. Our very first guests was a couple who was at Walt Disney World for their honeymoon. One of the most memorable times was when we were presented with a physically challenged guest and as we played with her, she smiled and laughed so hard that we forgot how tired were."


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