Focus@ MS

Build a strong foundation in Mathematics and Science to meet industry and university needs

Solutions Made Simple

Use technology and social media in teaching and learning

Active Learning

Discover knowledge through laboratory experiments and explorations

School Overview

The School of Mathematics & Science offers modules in mathematics, computing and sciences for students in engineering, technology and business courses. These modules form an important part of many full-time and part-time courses. A sound foundation in mathematics, science and computing, together with competence in their applications, is indispensable for engineering and business studies.

Mathematics, science and computing studies help students develop analytical, logical thinking and problem-solving skills. These subjects provide important foundation for students to achieve life-long learning in the future. Lectures are supported by tutorial, laboratory and problem-based sessions that give students opportunities to discuss problems encountered and to cultivate creative thinking skills. The use of IT makes learning more interesting and intriguing. Students learn through on-line module materials developed on e-Education platform, which is accessible via the Internet. Specially designed media classrooms, laboratories and lecture theatres enable our lecturers to take advantage of the latest multimedia technology in their teaching.


Solutions Made Simple
Building a Strong foundation in Mathematics & Science