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Name Designation Telephone
Alvin Ng Senior Lecturer 67721209
Babulakshmanan Ramachandran Lecturer 67721201
Cecilia Mak Lye Kin Senior Lecturer 68706093
Chao Yunn Chyi Director 67721141
Chia Hui Teng Academic Mentor 67721208
Chia Tien Chern Senior Lecturer 68704688
Chiang Teik Weng Lecturer 68790371
Chin Li Cheong Lecturer 68790384
Chong Kwang May Senior Lecturer 67721252
Choo Guat Yan Senior Lecturer 68790404
Chuah Ban Keat Deputy Director 67721200
Dalphine Chua Administrative Officer 67721141
Edna Chan Deputy Director 68790376
Fan Kee Seng Senior Lecturer 67721751
Hor Suei Cheng Senior Lecturer 68790389
Huang Hongying Senior Lecturer 68790374
Jaya Shreeram s/o S Jayaram Senior Lecturer 68706067
Jenny Tran Lecturer 67721102
Joseph Teo Senior Lecturer 68790390
Kok-Mak Chew Pheng Senior Lecturer 67721472
Lai Say Beng Senior Lecturer 68790379
Lau Yan Moh Lecturer 68790399
Lee Hwee Theng Academic Mentor 68790385
Lilian Chew Senior Lecturer 68704684
Lim How Kim Senior Lecturer 67721253
Lim Pei Chin Academic Mentor 68790378
Lina Fang Lecturer 67721396
Linda Tan Senior Lecturer 67721354
Liu Xu Technical Support Officer 67721182
Loo Wing You Senior Lecturer 67721478
Lor Choon Yee Lecturer 67721477
Luan Qianqian Lecturer 68790377
May Lim Lecturer 68707835
Mel Mohd Management Support Officer 68790395
Melvin Lim Lecturer 68790387
Ng Seng Watt Management Support Officer 68704683
Nicki Tay Management Support Officer 67721480
Noraini Bte Ithnin Management Support Officer 67721221
Pang Miaoshen Technical Support Officer 67721643
Patrick Phang Senior Lecturer 67721365
Quek Kai Leong Lecturer 68790397
Quek Wei Ching Senior Lecturer 68790392
Robert A Straughan Senior Lecturer 68790391
Sharon Quek Academic Mentor 68790386
Sharon Xu Lei Senior Lecturer 68708021
Soh Ying Ying Lecturer 68790370
Tan Cher Yong Senior Lecturer 67721481
Tan Hui Chin Senior Lecturer 68790405
Tan Teow Chye Senior Lecturer 67721361
Tan-Yeoh Ah Choo Senior Lecturer 68790383
Tang U Liang Lecturer 68790373
Tay Kuan Seng Senior Lecturer 67721210
Tay-Ang Sok Noi Senior Lecturer 67721213
Teh Li Lian Lecturer 67721512
Toh Hiap Aik Senior Lecturer 68704686
Wang Xinli Lecturer 67721413
Yanto Jakop Lecturer 68790394
Yap Wee Hau Course Chair 68790382
Yaw-Chee Ping Yeun Lecturer 68790406