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Diploma in Info-Communication Engineering & Design (DICD) JAE Code: S85

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DICT students - Two-Time Champions at National Infocomm Competition Quiz


(From left)Timothy Thong Qian Mu(Gold), Lionel Teo Ee Siang(Gold), Yeo Jie Shun(Gold),
Chua Jie Sheng(Silver), Ng Yong Bin(Silver), Chew Mei Jun(Silver)

Timothy Thong Qian Mu
I join this course as I want to be in touch with the technologies that make up the Infocomm industry such as wireless technologies and mobile communication systems. I strongly believe that those who want to secure careers in the Infocomm industry should give themselves a head start by enrolling themselves in this course because it provides a broad perspective of what the Infocomm industry is about, and also the areas that we can specialise in future.

Chew Mei Jun
I knew nothing about Infocomm before enrolling in the DICT course. I wanted very much to overcome my lack of knowledge in Infocomm. After going through the DICT course, I have now a good picture of how Infocomm operates in big companies. Students who are interested in Infocomm should choose DICT course because it provides the essential knowledge in networking systems, network security, mobile communication and the other related technologies. The attractive part of this course is the option to focus on either networking industry or software industry from year two onwards. The course offers practicals and assignments that equip me for the Infocomm industry. The final year project has helped me to be an independent learner, it has boosted my confidence in picking up new skills and knowledge apart from what is being taught. I can now proudly say I am quite an expert in dealing with computer related problems.

Lionel Teo Ee Siang
An enjoyable and challenging diploma! This is where you acquire skills on networking, programming and much more. This diploma has what it takes to be a leader in spearheading the growth in the IT sector. Experience it yourself.

Yeo Jie Shun
Ever since I join the DICT course, I have picked up much knowledge related to the Infocomm industry, ranging from hardware to software. I also learn non-technical skills in the area of sales and marketing. DICT was my first choice because it covered a wide range of topics in Infocomm, namely multimedia, programming, computer hardware, networking, etc. I was attracted to the prospects of learning the wide-ranging Infocomm technologies. Furthermore, it provides a foundation in the area of Infocomm, so this will put me in good stead if I wish to pursue further studies in this field.

Ng Yong Bin
While waiting for the O level results, I spent most of my time playing computer games. I wondered how these games could be played on the internet. I became to be more interested in finding out how all these work, rather than just playing the games themselves. So I surfed the Internet to find out more on the courses that were related to my interest. After some consideration, I chose Diploma in Information Communication Technology in Singapore Polytechnic. This course provides a wide range of topics which are related to my interests. The broadband and security services option in particular interests me as this option covers topics on IT security.