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M Thiyagarajan joined SP in 2001 and is currently a lecturer in the Business School Singapore Polytechnic. His teaching focuses on International Relations and Professional Preparation. Rajan received his Bachelor of Arts from the National University of Singapore in 1988 and his Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in 1989, and his Master of Art (Area Studies: Southeast Asia) from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London in 1993.

In his previous role as Head of Region, Defence Policy Office, Ministry of Defence (MINDEF), he provided policy advice on bilateral and multilateral defence issues to Ministers, senior MINDEF leadership, and other government ministries.

In his free time, he conceptualises, scripts, and hosts television programmes aired on Mediacorp’s Vasantham. The genre of programmes he has covered in the past 20 years include variety, cookery, drama, business, current affairs, and children's talk show. He has won the Best Presenter Award twice for his TV performance.

When conducting courses and training programmes, Rajan believes in creating a relaxed atmosphere that condones and, in fact, encourages committing mistakes. He is of the view that one can learn more from mistakes than by trying to avoid them.  The free expression of ideas, views, and opinions is encouraged and expected for effective learning to take place.  Laughter, in his sessions, is a strict requirement and not an optional extra.

Media Article

• Six-pack hunks: more than Singapore can bare, Reuters, 15 December 2011