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Robert Tan is a certified public accountant with work experience in mergers and acquisitions in Natsteel Ltd and Ascott Group Ltd and accounting and change management in DBS Vickers Securities (Singapore) Pte Ltd before joining SP Business School.

He is also a graduate of the school (then known as School of Business) with a Diploma in Accountancy (Merit). It was his love for the school as a student and his passion to be part of this experience that motivated him to return to his alma mater.

He admits that he thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted from his experience in the school and received many valuable life lessons.

He is now eager to make a similar contribution to the lives of his students. He is a truly an outdoors person having taken up sailing and diving as a student. Today he plays badminton, goes for hikes at the nature reserve and loves flying kites.

Without a doubt, he fully supports the well rounded education that the polytechnic offers to students.