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Our Staff

Andrew received his Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)(Hon) from Australian National University in 1994, and his MBA from University of Leicester in 2002. He is a certified Project Management Professional since 2006.

He joined SP in 2011 and is currently a Lecturer in SP Business School. His teaching focuses on various aspects of International Business, including issues relating to culture and the global business environment. In addition, he leads student project teams to collaborate with industry partners who are interested in expanding their businesses overseas.

Prior to joining SP, Andrew worked with several world-class MNCs in the technology industry, including IBM, Schlumberger and SingTel. His area of expertise in these companies included Marketing and Product Development, Business Analysis and Project Management primarily within the Asia Pacific region.

Andrew's hobbies include reading, solving puzzles and running. He writes software applications for mobile devices during his spare time. He also finds joy in cooking.