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The former associate director of a major European bank exchanged his “shirt-and-tie” for academia after 15 years of wheeling and dealing in foreign exchange and money markets.  He has worked in a number of banks, both local and global, including Deutsche Bank AG.  In addition, he had short working stints in the dealing room of the bank’s Frankfurt and London offices.  Kenneth brings his vast experience to the classroom, and makes the complex financial markets appear simple when teaching the young minds.

Kenneth graduated with a Master of Science (Finance) from the University College Dublin and enjoys a good game of tennis with his friends.

As a senior lecturer, he takes joy in helping students discover their potential and inspiring them to challenge themselves and not settle for the mediocre. He believes education should go beyond the four walls of the classroom and has led students on overseas study programmes to faraway places such as UK, New Zealand and Japan.

In addition to his teaching role, he is actively involved as a member of the diploma course management team, which oversees the course and its curriculum.