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Raine received her Bachelor in Business Administration from National University of Singapore in 2007.

She joined SP in 2012 and is currently a lecturer in the School of Business of Singapore Polytechnic. Her teaching focuses on Entrepreneurship and branding. Prior to joining SP, she worked for The North Face, a high-end outdoor sport, skiing and climbing brand, and her main focus was branding and merchandising. Prior to this, Raine also worked for Republic Polytechnic as an Academic Associate. Her main focus was in the area of sports management and business. She has also majored in Marketing for 7 academic years.

Raine’s research interests include sports, branding and leisure. She has co-authored an academic journal titled: "I am an Open Book": A qualitative study of young adults' leisure behaviour through blogs. She also supervised student projects and final year projects on Sports management, community service projects, and marketing/retailing/merchandising/branding related projects.

Raine likes to participate actively in outdoor sports during her free time. She has been an active Dragonboat paddler with her University varsity team (NUS Dragonboat Ladies) since 2004 and is currently still actively involved in the team and other running sports.

Raine is also a certified first-aider and certified mental first aider.